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The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett (the book and the movie)

If an accomplished writer of hard boiled mysteries, one who set the standard, wants to write a satire on the exact same subject, then who are we to say “No.” And so the author of the Maltese Falcon, the creator of Sam Spade, has also created his alter ego, the rich, classy Nick Charles, his wife Nora and little dog, Asta. 475 more words



On page 8 of “Act One”, George Murray’s book of poems, is my personal favorite, entitled, “THE THIN MAN, A SCULPTURE”.  Well, perhaps it’s not my favorite, but we (his children) grew up with two sculptures of thin men in our home, one or both of which inspired him to write this poem, so the title was often in our minds.   147 more words

George Murray

A Mixed Bag (Baker Street, Corporia, and new podcasts)

“Darling, are you packing?”
“Yes dear, I’m putting away this liquor.”

- The Thin Man

I’ve just got a handful of little news items to mention today, so feel free to leave your seatbelt off. 340 more words