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Don't Steal My Spotlight!

Leah loves to dance and perform, which I am sure is no surprise to those who follow this blog and read it regularly. Lately, I have noticed that her personality is somehow this odd combination of my mother’s toughness and silliness, and my father-in-law’s sassy attitude. 102 more words


Mommy stripes.

I was playing with my boys earlier today. We were wrestling and mommy was a jungle gym, then the tickling began.

Quickly, my Isaac melted my heart. 81 more words


One Liner Wednesday - On Thursday

Brought to you by Linda Hill….

Although technically this was said on a Wednesday.

Background to the story is this:
Yesterday was really hot and the First Born, her friend and the children all came over to swim in the pool. 56 more words

Finding Joy

Perils of Being Scotlish

Nearly 2 weeks have passed since the Scottish Referendum. I’ve not posted anything about it on here because for the past couple of months I’ve been writing most nights, for most of the night, back and forth in private messages about it on Facebook and emails. 955 more words


Big Parenting Milestone

Yesterday morning I was lying groggily in bed, hoping that the coffee and morning news on the TV would wake me up enough to shamble out of bed and go get breakfast sorted. 828 more words

The Things Kids Say

A Day in the Life of Mini

After my last little rant, please don’t shoot me, but… yes, there are some serious perks to being a stay-at-home mum. Today I relished one of them. 751 more words

The Things Kids Say

Son finds use for seldom used words

You know the old cliché of boys hiding under their covers in bed, reading comic books with a flashlight.

Well, I think my son might be doing that. 663 more words