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Miss Understanding

The other day Leah came home from school and told me, “Mrs. B said that when I grow up I am going to live really, really far away!” 88 more words


It's All About Perspective

Leah really enjoys taking the bus to school. She has made friends on that bus, which is great for her. For Dave and I, however, it is not so great. 303 more words


"Mommy, I'm cold."

My son Daymon woke up this morning while I was standing at the foot of the bed getting dressed.

“I need gloves,” he said.

It took me a moment to register this thought. 332 more words

Daily Life

Mystery Solved!

Thanks to this unusually cool weather the mystery has been solved!  I decided that since I’d been a little chilly today I would put on one of the few pairs of pants I brought with me:  a black pair of hand-me-down scrubs.  150 more words

Daily Life

Toddler Conversations!

So, God has blessed my home with three toddlers over the past two years (that my bride and I are in the process of adopting), and I thought it would be fun to share some of the “toddler conversations” that now take place in our life on a very regular basis! 267 more words

Jeremiah Knoop

Don't Steal My Spotlight!

Leah loves to dance and perform, which I am sure is no surprise to those who follow this blog and read it regularly. Lately, I have noticed that her personality is somehow this odd combination of my mother’s toughness and silliness, and my father-in-law’s sassy attitude. 102 more words


Mommy stripes.

I was playing with my boys earlier today. We were wrestling and mommy was a jungle gym, then the tickling began.

Quickly, my Isaac melted my heart. 81 more words