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Okumi (Brief interlude)

Okumi was, as always, behind the gym at his school, smoking his lungs away, breathing in, as well as the smoke from his menthol cigarettes, fumes from the industry that surrounded his town. 256 more words

The Throne

Chapter 1.4

By this time the room had been cleared, whether by flight or at the wrong end of a weapon, so Kanis was freed from worry about hurting others with his partially controlled power. 921 more words

The Throne

Hey everyone, I’m traveling on the road today but I managed to finish the post for this week, it should be up when I arrive at my destination. 39 more words

The Throne

Delighting in the Cross

We are in the midst of Holy Week – the week we commemorate the last days of Christ’s life. Sometimes I think it is too easy to just walk through the motions of it all – wave our palms as we sing Hosanna, wash each other’s feet, strip the alter, hang our heads, etc. 412 more words

Chapter 1.3

Kanis took a long, deep, steadying breath before charging the closest alien to him, hoping to catch him off guard. The Murak was currently chasing a frightened man around, toying with him. 850 more words

The Throne

Hey everyone. Real life got in the way this morning, a new post should be up shortly, but by the end of the day today at the latest.

The Throne

re:play : Cowboy Boots on the Sunset Strip, Scalp the Roof Off the German Whip... Party in the U.S.A.

Quick little playlist to pulse the pavement… like when Blow Pops met the blacktop, or Hov met Hannah Montana #andajayzsongwason

Cowboy boots on the Sunset Strip, scalp the roof off the German whip… fringe element patriots don’t need you or your brand new Benz, or your bourgie friends… numb to love, blinded by diamonds… from Parisian royalty to glitterbombed PWT, these stars’ scars stay shining… plummeting to new depths of depravity, fame is the new america… classless, priceless, from the brink of Bed Stuy to the belly of the map, a playlist fit for Plymouth Roc, a bacchanalian beat for Benedict Arnold #whentheunitedwentcrack… 311 more words