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H.G.Wells The Time machine

I have watched both the 1960 film with Rod Taylor and the later film in 2002 with Guy Pearce.  Neither film is based in London as per the original book by H.G.Wells that he wrote back in 1895.   184 more words


Reliving History: Space Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Time.  As a practical matter it is a commodity of finite capacity that the entire universe shares (relatively) equally amongst all the cosmos.  As a storytelling mechanism, while it may have started as a means of expanding the horizon of noticeable possibilities, it is now more tiresomely used as a way to cheat.  773 more words

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Bittersweet Inspiration

By now, if you’ve been paying attention, you are well aware of my love for the music of one Mr. Dan Fogelberg, taken too soon from us at the age of 56. 414 more words

The Time Machine

The Time Machine

When in 1970 my family first moved into our house on the dead end street named Paradise Drive, elm trees bordered our front lawn—silent, broad-shouldered sentinels standing watch over the gravel roads they lined. 556 more words


Bad Piping. Worst Adaptation Series

By Deputy Film Editor, Gavin Connolly

With Hollywood at a loss for original movie ideas, it seems like almost every movie in the cinema is an adaption of some sort. 502 more words


Don't trust Dora!

According to common ideas about time travel and general common sense, traveling back in time to view your past self is possible. Dora the Explorer has demonstrated this fact for us: 574 more words

The Time Machine

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The Time Machine

It’s started all in the Nirvana Desert 

It’s a strange story, A boy was taken from his family, sent into the past, 14 years ago. 63 more words

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