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an unreal distinction

“There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of Space, and a fourth, Time. There is, however, a tendency to draw an unreal distinction between the former three dimensions and the latter, because it happens that our consciousness moves intermittently in one direction along the latter from the beginning to the end of our lives.’” 6 more words


no need of change

“There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change.”

— H.G. Wells, The Time Machine


Like the cattle

“I understood now what all the beauty of the Over-world people covered. Very pleasant was their day, as pleasant as the day of the cattle in the field. 25 more words


When It Feels Like Home

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Over the years, MOTH and I have traveled quite a bit together, generally within the U.S. 614 more words

Much Ado About Nothing

Stake Land: Unanswered Questions

Director Jim Mickle and star Nick Damici wrote vampire horror/adventure film, Stake Land, intentionally as a story that doesn’t explain itself. It is a character movie first and foremost, and I am happy about this. 779 more words


too Occidental

“But I was too restless to watch long; I am too Occidental for a long vigil. I could work at a problem for years, but to wait inactive for twenty-four hours—that is another matter.” 6 more words


Book #92: The Time Machine

I read The Time Machine I was in sixth grade. All I remembered of it was that he went to the future and there was this girl thing called Weena and she died. 371 more words