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What does God look like?

There are only three real Gods: Yahweh, Jesus, and the magnificent Holy Spirit. Christians often depict Yahweh as a bearded old man, Jesus as a brown haired young man, and the Holy Spirit as a dove. 779 more words

The Trinity

The Trinity: Explained and Defended

Well, after years of reading, writing, and arguing about it, I’ve finally published my work, which is now available on Amazon; my defense of the biblical doctrine of the Trinity. 316 more words



There are statements that are contradictory; one cancels out the other; one is true, the other is false. “The earth is flat” vs. “the earth is round.” We now know that the earth is round, sort of. 249 more words

#878 God’s Response to Spiritual Concerns - Ineffective or No Prayer Life, continued

Good Day Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The first observation we made related to prayer was that we are to pray to our heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus Christ, our High Priest.  168 more words

At The Father's Feet Daily Devotional

Introducing the Church Fathers - Cyril of Alexandria

Cyril was an early fifth century Patriarch of Alexandria, serving from 412 to 444. Cyril was most known for his Christological disputes with Nestorius which lead to his involvement at the first council of Ephesus (431) and resulted the in deposition of Nestorius as Patriarch of Constantinople. 1,312 more words

The Church Fathers

The Begotten Son: How Jesus Helped the Jews Accept the Idea of Multiple Gods

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16) 2,434 more words

God The Son (Jesus)

Introducing the Church Fathers - Isidore of Seville (Part 4)

This week is the last post in the series on Isidore of Seville and his work on the many names of the God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and the Trinity taken from his work titled “The Etymologies.” Once again, this work can be found completely free online… 610 more words