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To and Fro

Getting around London can seem a little bit intimidating, but it’s surprisingly easy. My first official day in London, I was on a mission to master the Tube. 558 more words


Magical Tube Time-Travelling

(so close to a title full of alliteration)

Today I had to take the tube, much to my stingy outrage at having to go somewhere using a means other than my own two, cheap, feet; I was also meant to be meeting people at the station. 254 more words

I Suck

A week in London-time, a decade in travelers-time


My week in this city lead me through highs, lows, and a lot of spaghetti and butter. Like, a lot. Every night for dinner. Except that one night I had microwaveable pizza- but, I digress. 748 more words


Ye Saga of Sagas Continueth! Chapters 5 - 6!

Hi everybody!  Thank you for coming back for John Holloway’s fantastical world-traveling adventures, and welcome to new readers.  If you’re just joining the story, you can catch the first four chapters here: 9,623 more words

A lesson in rush-hour bloating/etiquette

Mornings are not my best time, and having to get the tube just makes them worse to be honest. Cue Thursday’s journey:

A very thin, beautiful woman was sat in front of me, as I stood, merrily jiggling about to the last… 149 more words

Throwback YouTube Video of the Week

Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women:

This video is electric. No other way to describe it. This video doesn’t make me laugh out loud like Whip Riders does, but I can’t get enough of it. 71 more words