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Chapter 2: Nerves

As we entered the school parking lot, I could sense that all eyes were on us. It could’ve been the fact that we were the only students at Forks High driving a Mercedes, a generous gift from my dad. 628 more words


#TwiThon2k14: Eclipse

I remember the release date for Eclipse clearly because it was on my birthday. We went to Chapters as soon as it opened that morning (no midnight release – … 620 more words

Book Review

17 Reasons I Hate Twilight

I, like many of you, have also wasted hours of my life watching the twilight movies. I read the first two books then left them because I just couldn`t take it anymore. 655 more words

Bella Swan

AC: Chapter 2

As the days dragged on into weeks, Mary’s parents began to worry. She was still unconscious, and her stubborn fever would not break. No matter how many cold cloths Sarah placed on her daughter’s forehead, Mary still burned up like a wildfire. 345 more words

The Twilight Saga

AC: Chapter 1

And then Mary fainted. Cynthia tried to lift her, but her unconscious older sister proved too heavy. Afraid to leave Mary but seeing no other option, Cynthia sprinted down the block toward the family home and rapped on the door insistently. 221 more words

The Twilight Saga

AC: From Air Conditioning to Alice Cullen (Prologue)

The year was 1928. It was just another ordinary day for the town of Biloxi, Mississippi. The sun shined down brightly on Mary Alice Brandon and her sister, Cynthia, as they walked home from school. 64 more words

The Twilight Saga

Ngắm nhà hơn 180 tỷ của tỷ phú Bill Gates

Ông đã trả 8.7 triệu đô la tiền mặt để mua được căn nhà 5 mẫu Anh này với đầy đủ chuồng ngựa và trang trại huấn luyện ngựa chuyên nghiệp. 483 more words