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Mark Cusco Ailes and Derek Ailes are back with a new anthology of horror madness. 469 more words


Blogtober 16, 2014


The Twilight Zone / Rod Serling

One of my absolute favorite television series. They aren’t scary as in the gore factor, or making you scream, but if it was your life, you’d be horrified! 147 more words


Counting Down To Halloween With The Simpsons #1

The Simpsons Halloween Specials have become as much a part of Halloween as trick-or-treating. Ever since that first Treehouse of Horror episode way back in 1990 we have been thrilled by the one episode every season where all the rules are thrown out of the window and anything goes as… 379 more words


Preview: The Twilight Zone: Lost Tales

The Twilight Zone: Lost Tales (One-Shot)

Mark Rahner (w)
Randy Valiente, Rod Rodolfo, Edu Menna (a)
Roberto Castro (c)
FC • 48 pages • $7.99 • Teen+ 109 more words


The Twilight Zone-A World of Difference

This episode was pretty perplexing is funny but not funny to see how easy one can slip into fantasy. Man times people get into character especially a lot of actors and become these villians who they portray..but there’s always a price to pay sad to say. 11 more words

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The Twilight Zone - Stopover In A Quiet Town

This episode was really good it reminded me of the movie I am Legend. Just without some of the different things that happened. Only in the twilight zone I guess. Well enjoy.

Rod Sterling

Time Enough At Last

Who remembers the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough At Last?” Henry Bemis couldn’t find enough time to read until the world as he knew it had ended; he stumbled upon a library only to have his glasses break. 21 more words