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Lotions and potions and notions: Oh my!

Thanks to movies and various publications, you probably have a pretty good idea of what a French café, a French restaurant, and a French château look like, even if you’ve never visited France. 1,087 more words

Life In Southwest France

The Twilight Zone: The Lonely

Rod Serling’s Introduction: “Witness if you will, a dungeon, made out of mountains, salt flats, and sand that stretch to infinity. The dungeon has an inmate: James A.

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Rant: The Twilight Zone - The Old Man in the Cave

I recently watched The Old Man in the Cave, an episode from the classic television series The Twilight Zone. I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming theological propaganda present in a show known for keeping its cards close to its chest. 1,216 more words


Goodbye Big Guy

I’ve reached the age where I’m getting used to talking about most of my heroes in the past tense, but it doesn’t make it any less sad. 195 more words

The Twilight Zone-The Mirror

I really LOVEd this episode. It was awesome. This one deals with POWER and its intoxicating effects on people. Enjoy.

Rod Sterling

Analyzing the Title of The X-Files

The first and most superficial meaning of the show’s title refers to the cases that Special Agents Mulder and Scully work during the series. Within this diegetic framework (that is, within the fictional world of the show), the X-Files are a collection of FBI “cold cases” that have not been closed because they contain one or more elements that lack plausible, rational explanations. 772 more words

Cultural Criticism