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Ourselves to Blame

Sitting on your porch,
Reading about monuments,
And Liberty’s burning torch.

Stand or fall, a statue grand,
History green with envy.
There was a time in this old land, 148 more words


Pupils, Corneas, Irises and Shutters

Artificial irises,
Blackness, without hue.
Mushrooms spreading, viruses,
Popping into view.

A new defined directive:
Security forced on all.
Perhaps a new perspective:
A man against a wall. 52 more words


It’s Called Usurpation, it is the Act of a Tyrant or Dictator and it is Impeachable

This nation has a Constitution. That Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It divides the power of the central government between the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches, and it further defines what power or authority each of those branches has. 355 more words

The Law

Attention to Detail

The pendulum sways
The players align
The mason surveys
The draftsman’s design

Meticulous care
Monumental parks
In circles and squares
In angles and arcs

In every degree… 94 more words