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Less than 2 days now!

Well … as promised, the blog today is being published earlier than it has been so far. It is about 6pm-ish, I have just eaten my dinner and from a Uganda trip perspective I am just about to do what is probably the most vital thing I can do today (other than breathing and going to the loo I suppose). 190 more words

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3 days to go ..... and counting!

Had a go packing my case today – actually had more than one go! I have found that my case with my personal stuff in and then rammed full with pencils, gluesticks and various other gifts is in fact too heavy and exceeds the 23kg allowed by BA.  237 more words

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4 days to go!

Busy day at church today! Some of us attended the morning service where we joined with the fellowship as a whole who took the time to come alongside us and pray for our anxieties and expectations as well as praying into our preparations, the impending journey and for the trip itself. 284 more words

The UK

The UK Part 3: Creating Memories in Cardiff

I’ve been a bit obsessed with the Welsh dragon since my recent stay in Cardiff.

I found it a really cool symbol – and if you were going to have a creature represent you, you’d want a dragon, right? 196 more words


A Return to the UK

Many things have changed in the years since I’ve spent time in the UK; however, many things have stayed the same. Here are some very free-form observations: 846 more words


5 days to go! (Blog up and running)

Sorted! It looks like this blog is now up and running and accessible. The link from the Southwick Baptist Church website seems to work – excellent! 218 more words

The UK

The UK Part 2: A Ball in Bath

This might sound stupid, but I never realised the Roman Baths in Bath were in the heart of the town.

I thought they were on the outskirts, or I’d have to catch a bus or something to see them. 333 more words