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What is science and why should we care? — Part III

by Alan Sokal

In all the examples discussed so far I have been at pains to distinguish clearly between factual matters and ethical or aesthetic matters, because the epistemological issues they raise are so different. 1,610 more words


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Interesting post, one of a series about the Philosophy of science by Alan Sokal (of the famous hoax). The other posts in the series are well worth reading, too...

Sleep well last night?

We had a spectacular thunderstorm over Brighton last night. I do love a good thunderstorm. Although I enjoyed the show, I didn’t get much sleep. Judging by the following graphic from BBC Weather, I’m not the only one…

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The Universe And Stuff

IAU Symposium 308 - Conference Photo Caption Competition

Regular readers of this blog (Sid and Doris Bonkers) will recall that I recently attended IAU Symposium No. 308 in Tallinn, Estonia. To prove that I didn’t make it all up, here is the official conference photograph. 77 more words

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Honoris Causa, Dr Chryssa Kouveliotou

This morning I had the privilege of participating in a graduation ceremony at the University of Sussex. It was great to get to shake the hands of all the successful graduates as they crossed the stage to receive their degrees. 802 more words

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BICEP2 Redux: How the Sausage is Made

An ongoing problem with communicating science to the general public is the existence of widely-held misconceptions among the public regarding how science actually works. A case in point is the March 17… 2,741 more words

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I came across this (rather lengthy, but very good) discussion of the BICEP2 story so far so thought I would share it here. There's a particularly useful collection of articles at the end for those who would like to read more. I'll also take this opportunity to refer you to a recent BBC News story which states that the BICEP2 and Planck teams are now in discussions about sharing data. About time, if you ask me. Still, it will take a considerable time to work out the ordering of the authors if they ever do write a paper! [twitter-follow screen_name='telescoper']