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Dog Lover: Owning a cat is akin to paying someone to be indifferent to you.
Cat Lover: Yeah well owning a dog is like paying someone to poop in your garden. 408 more words


Da Fuck Is This World Anyway

I should call these my ‘da fuck’ series!

When was the last time you stopped and looked around and asked yourself,’Da fuck is this place?’ 340 more words


Da Fuck Are We Anyway?

Who are we anyway?


I suppose we don’t get asked that question a lot. Most of us tend to dismiss it with religous beliefs or this thing called ‘evolution’. 390 more words


We are not alone

What we should be perceived as. We really are just two-legged sentients of meat. What a wonderful read! Nevertheless, just as thought provoking.

Musings & Inspiration

FAQ 36


I knew very well about the fear of marijuana when I read your previous post, but how about alcohol? Some people get crazy by drinking too much. 235 more words


Wanted: A Planet to Call Home

Credit: NASA

Clearly, we’ve grown bored with the Earth.  It’s that lover one always strives to please, yet somehow no matter what one does, it’s never right.   513 more words