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The Other Orion...

Lately in the news there’s been a lot of buzz about the Orion rocket.

This post, however, is about the constellation and, unlike the rocket, is already in space and will be there pretty much forever, although with the passage of time, he’ll look a little different.   500 more words

Science Fiction


It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything here.  I see by my last post, that this will be somewhat of a variation on a theme, which wasn’t my intent.  817 more words


The Universe

No one knows what was before the universe but most people think that there was nothing. No sound, no light, nothing. But scientists do think that there was one thing the baby universe. 145 more words

The Universe

time (by an amateur)

Does the moment include everything because everything can’t be anywhere else. Both past and future are ideas held in the moment’s grip for there is nowhere else to be. 240 more words


Seeing stars

A child can see that the universe plus life is more than the universe without, and the fact that we are all star dust doesn’t help us to make sense of the difference. 84 more words


2014's Blog of the Year #8

Winner: 2014’s Blog of the Year #8


Of course in hindsight my accident is likely the most valuable thing that has ever happened to me. 188 more words

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