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The human brain is often at a loss when trying to comprehend the majesty of the universe, its infinite complexities, its teeming galaxies and the vast empty wastes in-between. 364 more words


Today the Universe gets me

Or at least the media universe that I’ve curated for myself is totally aligned to my thoughts and values.  You know, things that you’ve thought about or recently discussed with pals then show up as articles in your newsfeed? 442 more words

Carrie Fisher

It is important to fit yourself into "now" no matter what your present situations are.

I had little time to write a new post today because today was the end of month and also we had a business meeting which took place every other Friday. 415 more words


Are We Alone Here?

By Paul Nijar

The debate over the existence of extra-terrestrial life has been going on for years. Many people are willing to accept that considering the vastness of our solar system and beyond that the probability of other life forms is highly likely. 1,100 more words


"Gratitude for the present situation" is beyond reason.

I like Mr. Shiko Munakata(棟方志功), a Japanese artist. I have a couple of copies of his works. I have visited the art museum of his works , standing where his house used to live, in Kamakura(鎌倉). 581 more words


Writing Your Universe

Suffice it to say that it’s not easy growing up with mental illnesses. You see counsellors, they ask you prying questions, they put you in tiny prison-cell rooms with a shrink on the other side of a two way mirror, along with a myriad of other unpleasant things. 251 more words


When Speech is a Sin

‘I Am’… possibly the most resonant and defining sound we, as the universe, have heard since conception. Many holy scriptures, from various cultures, will tell you that this was the first sound that brought all into being, although it is doubtful that the literal phrase was “I Am” and was instead some archaic utterance that has been lost in translation a million times. 747 more words