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FAQ 45


You have written posts in terms of a physical body, a soul, and an inner god, haven’t you? Do you think humans are made of these three elements? 166 more words


A Pantoum

“I prayed to the universe,” she said.

She believed that rocks and dust could do.

But rocks and dust have no consciousness.

Doing requires planning and creation. 352 more words


I do some SINGING (aka, I Heard My Neighbour Weep)

I sing constantly. In the shower, at the bus stop, on my bike, at my desk. (Yes,  I’m aware that this is intensely irritating. I genuinely don’t know I’m doing it half the time.) I’ve passed the habit on to my kids, who hum ‘Thunderbirds’ while building Lego spacecraft and ‘Happy’ while digging up the things I’ve just planted. 791 more words


When you look, there are signs all around you...

When you open your heart, surrender to the universe and believe that it has your back, there are reminders all around you. Today, I went in to Waitrose and was greeted by a sign saying… 204 more words


Microwaves, Bluetooth and Health

Whoa!  Have I shown you my mutated

Electromagnetic radiation is a basic in the Universe’s structure and operation.  It is everywhere (probably).  The Great Learned of Earth have examined it, mulled it, and catalogued its various manifestations to their satisfaction.  372 more words

Health Studies

WordPress – 3-Card Spread; July 31, 2014

Of course, the reading is for me, but I’ve tried to make a habit of reading my own cards, “General Reading,” no questions asked, as if it was for a perfect stranger sitting in front of me, and it goes a little something like this … 769 more words

Six Of Cups


I have to post this… Jo Costakes shared it on her Facebook timeline… It just makes you wonder at how small the world truly is.