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The creative process is exhilarating, yet daunting. Thrilling yet terrifying. Creative people tend to put their hearts and souls into their work, courageously daring to bare their innermost selves to the world and all those who would look, who would see, who would understand and appreciate the essence of who we are, what life and all its complexities means to us. 57 more words

The Universe


I sit here at my computer, surrounded by teetering heaps of miscellaneous books,  vintage magazines and newspapers marking the passing of history.  Sorting, stacking and occasionally pushing difficult things to the back to be dealt with another time.    174 more words

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Our reality is subjective in nature because what you experience in your life can only be experienced by you. That being said, you should realize that your life is lived by how your subconscious brain manages how you experience your five senses. 1,307 more words

Life Expierience

Being hopeful vs getting your hopes up

I’ve missed writing this past week!

Hope. It gets us through difficult situations, it helps us manage painful experiences because we believe it can and will get better. 525 more words

The Road Home

This sofa-sized oil Paffooney is called the Road Home because it was painted from a photograph looking west on US Highway 3 towards Rowan, Iowa, the little town I grew up in.   619 more words


Insects don’t know why we kill them. After all, we don’t eat them, we don’t need their crushed little bodies, we don’t take anything they have in order to use it for ourselves. 163 more words


Follow the Karmic Path

Karma, or the law of action, is part of the scope of the superior laws of The Universe. It is not punishment, as most believe, but awareness and expansion of consciousness that manifests in our lives through direct experience. 681 more words