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In the perfect world...

In the perfect world….

Confessions of a cynic

In this perfect world…Don’t you absolutely loath that phrase?! Don’t you abhor and detest and… (Add another five hundred synonyms of hate)…the phrase. 715 more words

The Universe


When the West defies South and the North defies East

or if natural law’s guard and protection were ceased,

then away would the wonder of gravity fall, 180 more words


Bound by chronological time...

“I can see no reason to be bound by chronological time. As far as we know, the universe is not bound by it; as far as we know, it is yet another construct of ours, this worship of the clock and the idea that there is a past and a present and a future which trot along obediently in line and never swap places. 91 more words


FAQ 40


I make a living as an astrologer, with my body not in good condition. The company I work for places me on the market as a psychic astrologer. 440 more words


We Are Connected With The Universe All Around Us

“We live in a connected universe. Everything is connected to everything else through the geometry of the very fabric of space-time.”  ~ Nassim Haramein

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FAQ 39


Is it preferable that we don’t care about Daisakkai(大殺界) or Tenchusatsu(天中殺), meaning a unlucky period in life according to a kind of astrology ? 213 more words


"The Universe" as Diet Theism

Today, on “The Blogger Takes Things More Seriously Than They Were Probably Intended”: let’s talk about when people make reference to the universe as some kind of sentient, powerful entity with a will of its own and the ability to make choices.

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