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Physical Education with a monkey

Went to a PE-class (Physical Education) today, to get my gym card. Around here you need to take a class to get to be in the gym. 255 more words

The University

Stupid and overcrowded: just another class

The level of the classes here is a joke. I’m taking some postgraduate courses and all of them would have been considered bachelor courses in my home university. 330 more words

The University

The University as Empire

From Daniel Mendelsohn’s review of John Williams’ Augustus:

“To have attempted simply to recreate the past would have left no room for the serious literary concern at the heart of Augustus and the author’s other works. 215 more words

Arrivals from Unexpected Places

I’m often asked what I do for a living. “I’m a teacher of writing,” I say. That’s what it’s turned out to be. There’s a freshness that arrives when you know what you are, who you are. 170 more words

Cultural Studies

Talking to Students

It happened again on Monday. We were talking in class about the importance of the body in Christian theology — not in any rigorous way, but I was pointing out that many Christians think that when you die you go to heaven and stay there forever. 1,543 more words

The University

Reply to Sracic (2007)

Like most of us most of the time, Professor Sracic is partly right. He is certainly right in attending to an underlying scruple to teach his students with prudence and fairness. 1,045 more words

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