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Exam period is here. People are running around, saying they have to study, while what they actually do during their study sessions is to complain to their friends about how much they have to study. 226 more words

The University

Fastreg: Registering for Classes, Seminar Groups and Exams

Happy weekend everyone!

I thought I would dedicate this post to registering for classes, seminar groups and exams, since it is almost time to prepare for the next period. 615 more words

Student Life

University time-table challenges...

Adjusting to a new course load is always a challenge at first, different Professors have different expectations on how much time you will dedicate to their course, as – let’s be honest – individual Professors tend to assign work as if their class is the only one on your time-table and is the most important of your student career. 1,111 more words

Student Life

#DearBOV, Can you Hear Me?

This piece, like always, does not reflect the personal sentiments of anyone but myself.

On Friday, November 14, 2014, the UVa Students United staged a demonstration outside of the November Board of Visitors meeting. 1,289 more words

The University

Green thinking, yeah right

On every toilet at the University, there is a note posted on the container of the paper tissues used to wipe the hands after washing them: “Do not use more than you need, think about the environment”. 343 more words

The University

Slight Bends in the Road 2.0

How I’ve missed this little space… Oh, the title. I took it from my sister, Slight Bends in the Road. I haven’t been writing for quite some time. 238 more words

The Diary

PowerPoint and MATLAB madness

Things aren’t getting better when it comes to the academia. Some of this shit is basically high school level. And apart from the sheer incompetence of some professors, all of them seem to be in love with powerpoint. 154 more words

The University