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100 Greatest Films of All Time-#99: The Usual Suspects

My pick for number 99 is a film that has had me revisiting it over and over again since I first viewed it, and for good reasons. 174 more words

Richard Mead

American Psycho: The Novel With a Killer Soundtrack

I finally read Bret Easton Ellis’  American Psycho (1991) earlier this year. It had been on my bookshelf for ages, but I was rather intimated by its reputation for gory violence, so I put off reading it. 697 more words

Rules, Breaking Rules, No Rules

“You don’t know what the story is 30 pages in, you don’t know who the main character is going to be, scenes that go on too long and don’t get buttoned, the scene ends but it drags on for three lines more—or starts three lines earlier , lack of momentum, lack of pace, tone that’s all over the place—saw a lot of that kind of stuff.” 728 more words


'Edge of Tomorrow' sits on graves of yesterday

A fusillade of bullets rained down on incoming soldiers, shrouding the beach in blood, debris and smoke.

“What the hell,” says a soldier. “They’re not even supposed to know we’re coming.” 579 more words


Top Films to Watch on Netflix #watchitwednesday

Hey Everyone, 

Sorry today isn’t a beauty day if that is what you after check out my two previous beauty posts - 

The Only Brushes You Will Ever Need  303 more words


C'mon Baby, Let's Do The...


This post contains “spoilers” to the films The Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects.

1,296 more words

Plague Pen

“Forget You! You Piece of Soot, Melon Farmer!”

Ah the joys of edited for television movies. Next week Fringe Cinema embraces the chop happy world of television (and aeroplane) censorship with a screening of the infamous Melon Farmer cut of Repo Man. 327 more words

Fringe Cinema