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PS 此類電影,Last Scene才是精華呀!Last Scene拿捏得不好,足以毀掉整部電影。一直不太清楚發生甚麼事的我,直到Last Scene才有眼前一亮的清爽感覺,然後電影就完結了…… :(
PS 2 呢套戲一爆雷就玩完。都係自己睇吧啦。(雖然以我殘缺不全的記憶也爆不到甚麼雷)


Songs that do it

Starting with the usual suspects

As I mentioned last time the new book Poems That Make Grown Men Cry does not include song lyrics as the authors, probably rightly, felt that the music that accompanies lyrics or libretti, add a dimension that can give even banal words an unfair advantage when it comes to pulling on the heart strings, think, for example, of the theme song from the film… 491 more words

The Usual Suspects - reality, unreliable narrators and deconstruction

I like The Usual Suspects for many reasons but one of the main ones is this: I’ve actually watched two films by just watching one. Which film is better – the reality or the construct? 817 more words

Get to Know J & E: 15 Questions with Jordan

By Jordan and Eddie on 11/04/2014

We’ve been running this blog for coming up on 12 months now and it seems about right to let our readers out there know just a little bit more about us two Australian film-goers. 800 more words

Jordan's Space

Jameson Cult Film Club Screening of The Usual Suspects, Cork (22nd April) and Galway (29th April)!

Just as they did with Jaws and Snatch, the Jameson Cult Film Club are taking their screening of The Usual Suspects on the road. There’ll be screenings happening in Cork and Galway towards the end of the month, and – if you’re in the area – they come highly recommended as a celebration of classic film. 361 more words


Clark Gregg is in The Usual Suspects

Agent Phil Coulson, the bad ass who makes the Marvel Movie and TV Universe go round, is in The Usual Suspects, one of the best movies ever. 38 more words

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