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Out of touch

This week has been a good one so far. Thanks to papa, I got to meet interesting people whom I would never the chance to coincide with on a daily basis. 955 more words

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Literally, 超大鸡排

Hi. This crazy drumstick is the hard work of my fat bro and siao friend. A whole afternoon and night of effort. Dang dang!! I feel so blessed, even though I am pretty unrelated to the drumstick. 161 more words

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Shopping season premiere!

The countdown hovers at the 2 week mark and my closet remains resolutely unpacked. I went through the entire storage jungle in the basement to find an obscure baking pan and drove as far away as frederick to find clear thumbtacks, but I refuse to begin the monumental process that is packing the closet. 585 more words

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Once bitten, twice shy?

Once again, on request of Ace Livingston.

What do you do if your ex comes back into your life and asks if you can “try again”? 815 more words

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All great stories have a beginning

Note to all: my titles often do no make sense. And now I begin:

As my Terp status reaches the 4.5 year mark, I look back on the fondest and fiercest memories of College Park and evaluate the basis of my college career thus far. 984 more words

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Reality check

Those red eggs there are called Birthday Eggs – 红鸡蛋. It’s a Chinese tradition, where family members have to eat a hardboiled egg each whenever it’s a loved one’s birthday. 239 more words

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All of the stars

Yeah, this is currently on replay. Ohhh my. Sunday’s Standard Chartered run was just crazy. My legs feel so wobbly now *jiggles*.

Today has been good. 260 more words

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