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Say It Right

Be quick to forgive. Some day, at some daytime party, one of your favorite ex-boyfriends will let himself in, with his wife, and you will notice that he is carrying a kid. 12 more words

The Usual

There're No Stories To Tell

In safe, regimented Singapore, we have no stories to tell. No wars. No disasters. No sufferings. No real sorrow. We are shielded, protected by great relationships. 112 more words

The Usual

Outside There's a Box Car Waiting

My neighborhood is being invaded by hipsters. I guess I should be happy and I’m sure my landlord is. Lately walking to the bus I see skinny bearded guys smoking their first cigarette with diner mugs. 62 more words

The Usual

On Dating and Music

So my friend Ace Livingston brought up an interesting topic on Facebook: dating a musician. Pros and cons.

For one, I don’t date. Just getting that out of the way. 1,682 more words

The Usual

Sketch 4- Hotspot


D0D3R-1 stretched his supple form, sat down cross-legged on the park grass and began his meditation exercises.

He heard motion on the grass next to him and he opened one eye. 118 more words

The Inconsistency of My Consistent Existence

I have decided that out of all the words in all the dictionaries in the world, there is one word that describes me absolutely perfectly: Inconsistent. 1,152 more words

20 tips for sophomores

In case you missed last weeks vlog, I decided to share with all of you what I had discussed. Last week I gave the 20 best tips about your sophomore year in high school. 1,154 more words