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I’ve been busy. Too busy for proper photographs. Too busy to wash hair daily. Too busy even to read! Not too busy to write a few more letters, though, or get my New Zealand driver’s license, or make our pickled celery and egg salad or cheese and pickled pepperoncini sandwich lunches every day. 201 more words

The Velvet Underpants

Steve Bowden, vocals; Mike Feilder, guitar; Andrew Leslie, vocals; Richard Litson, bass guitar; Dave Mussell, drums; Andrew Ridge, guitar

The Velvet Underpants followed in the footsteps of Banty Rooster and Volt Affection. 357 more words


Philip Parfitt Is Not The Man He Used To Be

It may have been a heartfelt stroke of honesty, it might have been an effort to inoculate against the facile criticism he expected, but whatever it is that prompted Philip Parfitt to call his first album in 20 years  657 more words


The Velvet Underground

Are they really punk? Maybe. Musically innovative with a heavy focus on poetry, they created a truly original sound that influenced countless musicians.  The vocals and music exist on an equal level with neither overpowering the other with greater importance.  66 more words

New York CBGBs Scene

Lisbon's Stylish Crossroads

In the trendy Bairro Alto neighborhood of Lisbon, Rui Palma, a college student, wears a vintage look with shiny leather boots inspired by the Velvet Underground‘s “Venus in Furs.”

The New York Times

We Were Right That Richard Hell Wrote The Best Essay On The Velvet Underground, But...

The evolutionary trend by which rock critics become rock’n’roll musicians seems more typical than a rock star becoming a critic, but it’s not like the latter is a crime against nature or anything.   967 more words