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Warhol's Record Jacket

What would the monks have to say?

The same monks, who, hunched over

And motionless in the muted scriptorium,

Carved lace onto tanned surface and… 181 more words

College Student

LGM's 50 Favourite Début Albums Part Five: #10 to #1

<<<<< #50 to #41 <<<<< #40 to #31

<<<<< #30 to #21 <<<<< #20 to #11

The business end of this proposition. It’s all a wee bit personal; records lived to, loved to, cried along with (although I’m not admitting to the latter). 2,669 more words


It's all good or bad :: Under the Covers

Stephanie Says :: Tele Novella

“I only write songs about girls I’ve never known.” He stated as some kind of fact, in an attempt to assuage his own page turning lies, and to smooth over that wrinkle of worry embedding a little deeper on Stephanie’s forehead. 196 more words


Miércoles de Soundtrack: "If You Rescue Me" o "After Hours" - The Velvet Underground

Los sueños nunca tienen sentido y aún así soñando no nos damos cuenta de lo absurdos que son, sólo al despertar pensamos en lo extraño que fue haber soñado tanta mierda. 374 more words

Until tomorrow, but that's just some other time :: Under the Covers

I’m Waiting for the Man (live) :: Echo & The Bunnymen

They stood out in the rain, no words passing between, just the silent sentiment of a boy handing a girl his jacket to wear. 426 more words


Tunez - The Velvet Underground - All Tomorrow's Parties

My favourite song off all time, sung by my favourite singer, Nico.

Today marks 26 years since her death.