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The War of the Worlds

Well, Wells -

Hell, Hells -

War by

any name

is Awful.

All around us

things blow-up,

ppl die,

lawful or

un-lawful -

war is not… 74 more words

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Repeat Patterns

One day or night

(loose or


we shall be

gazing down

up on the ground,

marveling at the maze

of patterns.

from where

we fly, 104 more words

Vintage Books

Raggedy Ann and Betsy Bonnet Strings, 1943

Like Ann (and Andy)

Raggedy, I am

& also Rude &

Randy -

(or so it’s how

I see


Never thought

I’d reach this… 164 more words

Vintage Books

Contemporary Chinese Painting, 1988


Art springs forth like plum blossoms

Ripe fruit tastes better

A book can also be a catalog; a catalog can also be a book. This is from  the 1988 art exhibit catalog of Chinese Contemporary Art – including 15 Chinese artists, whose work could finally be seen post-Cultural-Revolution. 42 more words

The Vintage Book Poem Du Jour

Walt Disney's Living Desert, 1954

Silent desert teemed

with life unseen, til Disney

lit a moonlight beam

Walt Disney’s Living Desert , published in 1954, was the first in a series of True-Life Adventure books written by Jane Werner and the Staff of the Walt Disney Studio. 74 more words

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The Cordon Bleu Cook Book, 1947

I am the

Cook who

is bleu, but

for another reason.

I am sad.

I simply

can not cook.

I am so bad

when it comes to… 187 more words

Vintage Books

Ms. Marilyn Monroe, the Unexpected Cover Girl

All these diff


come to me,

looking at this



& Marilyn Monroe.


an unlikely pair -

one just be-ginning -

one no longer there. 121 more words