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DVD Review: The Visitor

Italy has produced some great film directors and cinema. Fellini, Argento, Leone, Antonioni and Zefferelli were all considered masters of their oeuvres. There was a lot of Italian money floating around horror and science fiction films during the ’70s and ’80s, and let’s just say the quality control wasn’t always what it should have been. 372 more words

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Are You Lithuanian?

I’d always assumed that the “Are you Lithuanian” scene in Nicolas Roeg’s film of Walter Tevis’s The Man Who Fell to Earth was an episode of Roeg-ishness, a dialog equivalent of some of the odd visuals in the film. 873 more words

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Words on Birds

This past weekend I watched an old film called The Visitor, which is one of the least coherent movies I’ve ever seen, but still had a lot of weird things I really liked. 316 more words


Animorphs: #2 The Visitor by Katherine Applegate

The Visitor by Katherine Applegate

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Rachel’s narration.

The fight for Earth continues.

The Animorphs were able to face Visser Three face to face this time.

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The Visitor (2007)

     The Visitor is yet another example of a gem of an independent film that has been living in the shadows for far too long.  Thankfully, due to classes such as this one, I am able to discover pieces of art that I come to love.   361 more words

Wordless Wednesday: 10 Memorable Scenes set in NYC

Happy Midweek folks! I always choose a certain theme for my Wordless Wednesday posts and since I’ll be spending a few days in New York City this weekend, I thought I pick ten clips (including one music video) from some of my fave movies set in the Big Apple. 130 more words

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New (old) story, "The Visitor"

A long time ago (2009—it seems like so much longer), I wrote a story for a litmag called Collective Fallout titled “The Visitor.” It appeared in the Vol. 162 more words