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The Visitor (1979) Review (Arrow Video DVD)


1979, dir: Giulio Paradisi (as Michael J. Paradise)

Every now and then, you sit through a film and just marvel at the sheer absurdity of what you are witnessing on-screen. 998 more words


What Do You Do For Fun? I Don't (Thomas McCarthy)

Thomas McCarthy, the American film director, has a new film ready for release & I am a little worried. McCarthy’s previous 3 films have been big favourites round our yard. 1,032 more words


Scarefest: The Visitor

“Maybe this just isn’t the right time to bring children into this bad, mixed-up world. Some of them are confused: they think that the forces of evil are stronger than the forces of good.” –Jane Phillips (Shelley Winters), in… 2,401 more words


"Running Blind" Jack Reacher #4 by Lee Child - Clever, brutal plot. Reacher loses touch with reality

When this book first came out, in the UK,¬† it was called “The Visitor”, which makes a whole lot of sense to me:¬† it links to the plot, it’s ambiguous about the nature and identity of the visitor and it’s easy to remember. 623 more words

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DVD Review: The Visitor

Italy has produced some great film directors and cinema. Fellini, Argento, Leone, Antonioni and Zefferelli were all considered masters of their oeuvres. There was a lot of Italian money floating around horror and science fiction films during the ’70s and ’80s, and let’s just say the quality control wasn’t always what it should have been. 372 more words

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Are You Lithuanian?

I’d always assumed that the “Are you Lithuanian” scene in Nicolas Roeg’s film of Walter Tevis’s The Man Who Fell to Earth was an episode of Roeg-ishness, a dialog equivalent of some of the odd visuals in the film. 873 more words

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