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Dr. Walking Dead or: How I Learned to Stop Caring and Turn Off AMC

On Sunday Night I, along with 17.3 million people sat down to watch the season premiere of ‘AMC’s’ The Walking Dead. The show has been on for five seasons and if we’re all honest with ourselves it has never been good; in fact I argue the only episode that is “OK” is the pilot. 362 more words

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Why Is Norman Reedus Keeping Andrew Lincoln's Beard In His Fridge?

If you ever wondered just how close the cast of The Walking Dead was in real life, some of them are keeping pieces of each other in their fridge. 222 more words


Stranger things have happened...

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead was one kumbaya short of making me think the zombie apocalypse was over. The surviving groups are still in the “getting to know you” stage–everything is just a little uncomfortable. 510 more words


Zombie Apocalypse

I am loving the Walking Dead episodes. My family comes over on Sunday nights and we all sit on my couch and enjoy the show. I think I look forward to Sunday more for The Walking Dead more than I do for football. 454 more words

B(erkeley)EST of September

1. Snapshots from I-House retreat to Point Reyers; kind of loving the contrast between dry, withering grass patches and blue water. Running in the knee-deep, icy waters was fun until the chills stab you and you’re stuck with mud between your toes. 224 more words


The Walking Dead - Season 5, Episode 2: Strangers


     When TV shows have a strong premiere, whether is as season or series, one word that gets thrown around the second week is momentum.  Was the show able to take the strength from the previous week and still keep the viewer engaged?   1,589 more words

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Ka Bob!

The Walking Dead has yet again found a way to make us cringe! Great episode last night!! I hope you got a chance to watch it, if not read no further cause it’s SPOILER ALERT TIME! 219 more words