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Day 24 - Focus T25 and The Warrior

Lower Focus and The Warrior

Feet were very sore this morning, to the point where heels and Achilles had some pain. Because of this I had to take it easy with the calf raises during the Focus T25 Lower Focus session.   445 more words

Focus T25

The Warrior

How good is this song? It’s so good that it is not ruined by this ridiculous video. That’s how good it is. It’s so good, every time I hear it, I think to myself, “Maybe I should get the whole album.” Then I hear John McEnroe’s voice in my head yelling “You cannot be serious!” So I just play the song again and forget about the album. 53 more words


"Archetypal Images of the King and the Warrior" Robert Moore

“When you realise that something is very wrong with your life as it’s functioning then there will be … a quest for a sacred space and some sort of ritual elder who will help you undergo some form of initiation.” 17 more words


Nominations for Epifania S. Guerrero Award

Before the days of social media, e-newsletters, and mass digital communication there was good ole snail mail. When I’d go to the mailbox there was one monthly piece of mail which I’d look forward to… The Warrior. 354 more words

Family Reunion


This indie rock band out of  Echo Park, Los Angeles, is currently feeding my need for sounds more melancholic in nature.

Song Of The Day

Day 13 -- The Warrior

I suppose this particular routine would have been better to do yesterday. The Warrior is a workout Tony created while visiting U.S. Military bases and is probably the most patriotic workout I’ve ever done. 233 more words

Days 7, 8 & 9-- The Warrior, Total Synergistics & Agility X

I’m not letting life get in the way of my workouts — especially when those workouts are only thirty minutes!

We’ve recently moved to a suburb of Cincinnati from Indianapolis, and over this last weekend, we were back in Indy to close on the sale of our old house. 390 more words