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Online news sites to be blacked out during next major catastrophic event?

Thursday, December 04, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) According to what I’m hearing from several sources in my network of contacts, the U.S. 1,182 more words


Obama administration formally proposes new smog, ozone standards

This is from The Washington Times.

Emperor Obama is Hell bent on destroying the jobs left after the flood of the illegals start taking jobs. 569 more words

Bringing his passion to the playoffs

Published in The Washington Times, Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The story, as Ian Desmond tells it, goes something like this.

It’s late August at Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Desmond is 19 years old, playing his first full season with the Single-A PotomacNationals. 1,874 more words


Ben Stein: Obama ‘most racist president’ in American history

This is from The Washington Times.

Amen Ben Amen.


Ben Stein on Sunday blasted President Obama for being the most racist president in American history, arguing that he and fellow Democrats are purposefully using race to divide the American people. 775 more words

7 Countries where Americans can study at universities, in English, for free (or almost free)

Good morning evribody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O título deste deste é de uma notícia saída hoje no Washington Post (jornal de Washington, of course) e que dá a dica aos seus jovens para fugir da armadilha do estudo pago por lá. 360 more words

EDITORIAL: Washington ‘Wastebook’ refutes ‘cut to the bone’ narrative

This is from The Washington Times.

There will never be true cuts to government waste unless we have an Article 5 Constitutional Convention and force the cuts to spending. 636 more words