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Until We Meet Again...


An incredible sendoff to an incredible character. I’ve been watching since middle school. I grew up politically as a member of the Colbert Nation. This was a genuinely, potently sad moment for me and I imagine countless other viewers. 314 more words

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Hard Writing Days and the Importance of Dedicated Writing Time

Writing is amazing. There’s nothing quite like the rush you get when you’re on a roll, pounding out words, watching the scenes take shape and feeling that momentum urging you on and on. 735 more words



I’m proud to have played an intern-sized part in Slate‘s marvelous feature on the internet’s outrage economy and the controversies that had us fuming – and clicking away – in 2014. 345 more words

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Cuba Libre?

I’ve been taking in all of the Cuba takes over the past day. Yesterday’s historic shift was unambiguously good – this is clear to sane people. 2,023 more words

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The Obama Adminstration Moves on Immigration...For a Corrupt Ecuadoran Family

Gawker ran this under the headline “The Obama Administration is Corrupt as Fuck”, which is overstating things maybe (although the ambassadorial nominations of late are particularly infuriating and not a good look). 428 more words

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