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If you’re worried about Uber and privacy, don’t forget Lyft and Sidecar

Carmel DeAmicis writes for Gigaom:

‘Privacy concerns are front and center when it comes to Uber’s messy week, and a personal experience with the cavalier use of user data really brought that home for me. 257 more words


The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed

Adrian Chen reports for Wired:

‘[…] So companies like Facebook and Twitter rely on an army of workers employed to soak up the worst of humanity in order to protect the rest of us. 169 more words


Hackers Can Steal Data Wirelessly From PCs That Aren't Even Online

Gwen Ackerman reports for Bloomberg:

‘When governments, utilities and corporations need to protect their most sensitive data, they create what’s called an air-gap network. It involves storing information on computers that are never connected to the Internet, an extreme method of isolation designed to prevent any chance of data leaking out. 95 more words

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Tuesday Story #2...

I have recently found this really interesting site called TED.  It’s basically lots of talk about interesting things.  Find the main home screen here. 66 more words

Tuesday Story

Why I’m Terrified of My New TV: Interview with Michael Price

Editor’s Note: Michael Price serves as counsel for the Brennan Center’s Liberty and National Security Program at New York University School of Law.


Europol warning on the risks related to the Internet of Everything

Pierluigi Paganini reported for Security Affairs last month:

‘The European Police Office (Europol) confirmed that difficulties to face the menaces of cybercrimes to the Internet of Everything (IoE). 115 more words

Science & Technology