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New Zealand Launched Mass Surveillance Project While Publicly Denying It

Glenn Greenwald and Ryan Gallagher report for The Intercept:

‘The New Zealand spy agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), worked in 2012 and 2013 to implement a mass metadata surveillance system even as top government officials publicly insisted no such program was being planned and would not be legally permitted. 164 more words


Dropbox Reports 80% of Gov't Subpoenas Contain Gag Request

Michael Mimoso reports for Threat Post:

‘Most U.S. government subpoenas for data on Dropbox users are accompanied with a request not to inform the user in question. 109 more words


Yahoo $250,000 daily fine over NSA data refusal was set to double 'every week'

Dominic Rushe reports for The Guardian:

‘The US government threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if it refused to hand over user data to the National Security Agency, according to court documents unsealed on Thursday. 127 more words


Tech industry signs on to USA Freedom Act, gets expansive immunity for aiding US gov't spying

Marcy Wheeler (@emptywheel) reports for Salon:

‘President Obama just announced war (of sorts) in the Middle East — but he’s not going to wait for Congressional authorization to go to war. 95 more words


My world today

Good news is scarce in today’s world.
On the front page of the newspaper,
not a single piece that lifts the soul.
A can of worms spreading rapidly. 153 more words


Proposed Anti-Terror Law in France Would Erode Civil Liberties

Jillian York reports for the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

‘A proposed anti-terrorism law in France has freedom of expression advocates concerned.  The bill, as our friends at La Quadrature du Net… 102 more words

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