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Gerry McGovern: On the Web, Helping Instead of Selling

McCambley stresses that the Web is about doing things, and that the mobile Web is even more task-focused. He quotes Googles Eric Schmidt, then with Sun Microsystems, who said way back in 1998 that “Customer service is the killer app of the Web.” So true.

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"Women Are Being Driven Offline": Feminist Anita Sarkeesian Terrorized for Critique of Video Games

‘Anita Sarkeesian, a prominent feminist critic of video games, was forced to cancel a speech at Utah State University last week after the school received an email threatening to carry out “the deadliest shooting in American history” at the event. 171 more words

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The Good News About Ebola

This article, and others on the same subject, have now been out for the better part of three days, and the western mainstream press, in its entirety, is ignoring them: 380 more words


UK police use loophole to hack phones and email

Dominic Kennedy reports for The Times:

‘Police are hacking into hundreds of people’s voicemails, text messages and emails without their knowledge, The Times has discovered. 76 more words


Citizenfour: Laura Poitras on the Crypto Tools That Made Her Snowden Film Possible

Andy Greenberg writes for Wired:

‘As a journalist, Laura Poitras was the quiet mastermind behind the publication of Edward Snowden’s unprecedented NSA leak. As a filmmaker, her new movie… 165 more words


The Web

The Web is for all of us. On the web, we are all equal. It’s the great democratiser of our time. It’s the space where a single individual can take on giants. 38 more words


National Crime Agency director general: UK snooping powers are too weak

Vikram Dodd reports for The Guardian:

‘Britons must accept a greater loss of digital freedoms in return for greater safety from serious criminals and terrorists in the internet age, according to the country’s top law enforcement officer. 167 more words