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Illinois Police Launch Anti-Terror Style Manhunt For Owner of Parody Twitter Account That Mocked Mayor

From I Acknowledge:

[...] Peoria Police Chief Steve Settingsgaard said officers were investigating the creator of the Twitter account for false personation of a public official. 193 more words


Jim Hightower: NSA Spying Is Here to Stay

Jim Hightower writes for Creators.com:

[...] The three billion phone calls made in the U.S. each day are snatched up by the agency, which stores each call’s metadata (phone numbers of the parties, date and time, length of call, etc.) for five years.  290 more words


Yes, Net Neutrality Is A Solution To An Existing Problem

MarvinAmm writes for TechDirt:

While AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon have argued — with incredible message discipline — that network neutrality is “a solution in search of a problem,” that’s simply not true. 52 more words

Science & Technology

The Comcast Merger Isn’t About Lines On A Map; It’s About Controlling The Delivery Of Information

Kate Cox writes for Consumerist:

Comcast and proposed merger partner Time Warner Cable claim they don’t compete because their service areas don’t overlap, and that a combined company would happily divest itself of a few million customers to keeps its pay-TV market share below 30%, allowing other companies that don’t currently compete with Comcast to keep not competing with Comcast. 82 more words


Google, once disdainful of lobbying, now a master of Washington influence

Tom Hamburger and Matea Gold write for The Washington Post:

[...] The behind-the-scenes machinations demonstrate how Google — once a lobbying weakling — has come to master a new method of operating in modern-day Washington, where spending on traditional lobbying is rivaled by other, less visible forms of influence. 298 more words


Most Senators Overseeing the Comcast-Time Warner Deal Have Taken Money From Both

Alex Park writes for Mother Jones:

…Out of the committee’s 18 members, 15 have accepted donations from at least one of the two media giants since the 2010 election cycle; 12 have received money from both. 46 more words