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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Religious Objections to Certain ACA Contraception Coverage

The Supreme Court narrowly ruled in favor of the plaintiffs today in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (2013), upholding religious liberty objections as sufficient justification for certain employers to refuse to provide specific forms of contraception under the administrative rules and regulations of the so-called… 916 more words

The Courts

Austerity - Theory and Practice, Part 1

Here is the first in a four-part series on austerity, its theory, its application and its consequences:

An Economic Gateway Drug

The United States of America is a wonderful country to live in. Contrary to the laments of most of my conservative and libertarian friends, this country is still among the most free and opportunity-friendly places on Earth. 1,610 more words

More Gasoline on EU's Fiscal Fire

Europe’s political leaders are showing more and more signs of discomfort – not to say emerging panic – over an economic crisis that just won’t go away. 855 more words

Europe's Japanese Decade

Europe is now officially in the liquidity trap.

Even though this gives me plenty of reason to say “See I Told You So”, I prefer to note that this is a thoroughly bad thing for businesses and households in the euro zone. 1,395 more words

South Africa: From Bad to Worse

While Europe is struggling with the outcome of the European Parliamentary elections and the United States in a macroeconomic limbo after the first-quarter GDP growth shock, countries in other parts of the world face similar economic challenges. 1,650 more words

Why I'm voting Republican

Because I’m tired of being taxed too much already.

I’m tired of watching runaway government spending and over burdensome regulations that are designed to hinder growth and stifle innovation. 86 more words