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Solstice blessings ~

Now is the time to trust the magic of new beginnings ~



I am so grateful

The universe is with me

Pushing me forward


Cumberland County and the Fall of '83.

Ok, so this video doesn’t look great, BUT…

I sometimes forget just how many amazing and high-energy Grateful Dead shows I managed to see. I missed seeing the Dead in the mid-70’s and as a result missed my favorite era for them live (I started seeing them in ’79), so sometimes I forget that I DID manage to see some truly amazing shows while the band was still active and vibrant. 828 more words


A blessed Samhain to all

Let this be a new cycle of quiet joy, renewed blessings, and may peace fall upon you. May the powers of The One, the source of all creation; all-pervasive, omnipotent, eternal; ruler of the elemental realms; may the powers of the stars above and the Earth below, bless you and your beloved this sacred night.
Peace, love and light.