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Mad Men: The Wheel (S01E13)

A small reminder: I’m making my way through all of Mad Men before the last episodes premiere next spring. The plan is to do two episodes a week, with reviews going up Mondays and Wednesdays, but the schedule might vary a little bit.  1,159 more words


Massive song crush- Sohn 'The Wheel'

They have just started playing this track on independent radio here in Melbourne, so I was really surprised to find, when hunting for it on line, that it is already a year old. 17 more words


Thermidor Fun Fact Day Twenty-Six: The Humanity of the Guillotine

When Dr. Guillotin invented the machine which has since cloaked his name in infamy, he was actually trying to reform capital punishment along humanitarian lines, because by using a heavy blade suspended high above the platform, the machine was believed to produce a faster, more humane death than earlier techniques. 64 more words

French Revolution

The wheel, poetic thought by George-B (The smudge and other poems)

The wheel, poetic thought by George-B
(The smudge and other poems)
In the quest
To define the wheel
The scientist gave it the circle
The artist gave it any shape… 32 more words

Are You A New Mexican Or A New Mexican't?

Hey there, cats and kittens. Need a little something to brighten up a rainy Saturday? Ghost of Sci-Fi legend Michael Moorcock come to visit you, then throttle you for giggling at his name? 116 more words