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The Wild Bunch ... Posters

MFW: I will not vouch for the authenticity for all of these posters.

Not sure who wrote some of these tag lines … but they’re interesting. 86 more words

The Wild Bunch

Shooting the Train

In the morning, the actors were the first ones on set. They had to be there early for the ministrations of Al Greenway, who was in charge of make-up. 898 more words

Howard Kazanjian

A Short History of Violence: "Blue Ruin"

CINEMA’S GREATEST FLAW AS POLEMIC is its tendency to romanticize that which it intends to criticize, which probably is why most polemic movies aren’t very good. 416 more words

Episode 126: A Craft Discussion About Horace's Ars Poetica, with Vanessa Blakeslee!

Episode 126 of The Drunken Odyssey, your favorite podcast about creative writing and literature is available on iTunes, or right click here to download. 91 more words


Shooting Time to Pieces

    “Pieces of Time.”

     Borrowing a phrase from Jimmy Stewart (via Peter Bogdanovich) and repurposing it – what you capture with the camera’s lens (pieces of time) can be reordered and put together in the best way to tell your story. 941 more words

Howard Kazanjian

The Wild Bunch ... Part 1


Glendale Train / New Riders of the Purple Sage

The Wild Bunch / 1969 


Bloody Sam?

“I think the public has learned that, as least somebody has learned that in the passing years that Bloody Sam was merely a change over dishonesty to at least looking at the fact that people do bleed and are hurt. 408 more words

The Wild Bunch

First Day of Shooting at Anything that Moves

Monday March 25th, 1968. When they showed up that morning, the asphalt streets of Parras, Mexico were covered with dirt and some of the buildings outfitted with add-on facades, all to give it the look of a Texas border town. 406 more words

Howard Kazanjian