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Oh! You found me!

Looks like the leopard was trying to hide, high up in the trees!


Forever your's, Your Highness!

Seems like the Queen is quite concerned about her King, and the King definitely seems to be enjoying his Queen’s attention! ;)


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - " Evacuation of the West " the Unreleased Bruce Springsteen

An outtake from The Wild, The Innocent and the E.St Shuffle recorded in 1973. Also sometimes known as “No More Kings In Texas” this is the spiritual cousin to “Wild Billy’s Circus Story” is a sprawling fantasy rooted in the American west romantic past. 10 more words


Follow Me, This Way!

Gives a similar feeling to that of Professor Snape’s Patronus!


Card Shark

April 9, 2008

I was digging in my computer looking for a file and ran across this picture that I never got around to posting. I think I was planning to go back and put a few finishing touches to it, but I really don’t see that ever happening… so… I now officially pronounce this… DONE! 71 more words

Dennis Jones