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Novel Breathalyzer Monitors Dolphin Health

Determining the health status of marine mammals is tricky business. Biologists usually rely on blood, tissue, and fecal samples for guidance, but obtaining them can be arduous and invasive. 418 more words


Go All In - Blake Sherry

As a Pre-Professional student, it may seem that it is hard to experience the opportunities Warnell has to offer because you are not in the school everyday and are often hunched over a chemistry textbook. 589 more words

World's Largest Bat Colony Saved by Land Deal

Just outside of San Antonio, Texas, resides the world’s largest bat colony. Approximately 20 million migrating Mexican free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) roost in Bracken Cave every summer, but urban sprawl and accompanying light pollution threatened their habitat, until now. 332 more words


Death of Rare Rhino Sign of the Times

The number of northern white rhinos (Ceratotherium simum cottoni) left in the world now stands at six following the death of Suni, one of the subspecies’ last two breeding males. 386 more words


Hemorrhagic Virus Threatens Spain’s Amphibians

The world’s amphibians cannot catch a break. Climate change, habitat loss, and the spread of chytrid fungus already contribute to declining populations. Now, a deadly virus is ravaging Spain’s toads and newts, and may spread to other amphibian species across a wide geographic range, according to a study published last week in… 397 more words


Meet us in Pittsburgh: The Wildlife Society

Guest post by Vince Burke

It was one of those days that every editor dreams of having. Just as I was beginning to plan my trip to… 539 more words