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The Wolf of Wall Street

Got finished watching The Wolf of Wall Street for the 3rd time today and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s both the total package in terms of how I wished my life had turned out and paradoxically the scariest thing imaginable. 343 more words


I've seen that movie too

“A Most Violent Year”: Another film about another corrupt businessman. I thought “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “American Hustle” had exhausted this category.

I heard a pundit say that… 212 more words



Just an Observation

With 2014 drawing to a close and the festive season in full swing- boycotting the Christmas festivities this year I am feeling slightly liberated and none of my usual humbuggery is prevalent- it is also that time of year when it is good to take stock of what the past fifty two weeks has meant to both me personally and the world around me. 1,142 more words


Best Songs Of 2014: John Eliot Gardiner & Stephen Varcoe - "King Arthur Z. 628: Act 3 'What Power Art Thou'"

10) John Eliot Gardiner & Stephen Varcoe – “King Arthur Z. 628: Act 3 ‘What Power Art Thou'”

I didn’t care about anything Jonah Hill did until I saw… 192 more words


A Film Bereft of any Value That at Least Pointed Me in the Right Direction

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I let a full year pass before finally finding the time for a viewing of The Wolf of Wall Street… 386 more words

Film Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

It’s a brave move to make a movie where your protagonist is a total douche and doesn’t have a redemptive story arc, as you’re asking the audience to buy come along for a ride with someone they dislike, and may actually want to get busted. 968 more words

Movie Review

"Divorce Ensued, Along With a Deluge of Humiliating Media Coverage"

Vignette inspired by: The Very Rich Should Divorce Very Quietly, The Daily Beast, November 6, 2014  

He was dressed in what I called his katana suit: a sartorial affair of sharp, precise edges, shades of steel gray, and starched white cuffs that peeked out from his jacket like small blades. 923 more words

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