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GMB - CW (Game 3): The unkillable Darien and Alex Ich, the Monstorianna

The final game of the day and the decisive one for both GMB and CW, the winner will secure their spot in the LCS for the next split and the loser will have to go through the Summer Promotion Tournament next week. 716 more words

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Impact Wrestling 4/3/14...Fatal 4-Way For The Gold

Tonight, Impact will give us a World Title match. Fatal 4-way, between Magnus Vs Samoa Joe Vs Abyss Vs “Showtime” Eric Young.

Impact Wrestling is now. 1,055 more words

Impact Wrestling

SHC - CW: The Amazing show

SHC spawned on the blue side with Shyvana, Evelynn, Gragas, Lucian and Leona after previously banning Kassadin, Renekton, Caitlyn to face off against a very determined CW on the purple side, consisting of Trundle, Lee Sin, Lulu, Jinx and Morgana. 411 more words

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"I'll Give You What For!" - A Method to the Madness

On Sunday, February 23, 2014, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards defeated Robbie E and Jessie Godderz at a TNA Live Event to become the new TNA World Tag Team Champions.  1,808 more words



Greetings from Irving the giant lizard.

Today we’re gonna talk about music because, yes, this is a blog about film. I thought that since music and film are so intertwined I should do my best to relate this subject back to film. 454 more words

Blowing In The Winds