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AIB Bees Infographic

The bee population worldwide is dwindling and this will have major repercussions for all of us. Bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem and their work helps provide us with countless plants and flowers. 111 more words

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What's your ultimate dream job?

So I’ve been thinking recently about my personal career goals. For me, I started out wanting to be a lawyer (family law primarily). All through high school I had my heart set on moving to Wellington, and studying Law at Vic…I mean where else would you do law really? 565 more words

Dream Job

The Works

So, I pass this place almost every day as I walk to work and finally decided to try it out. Turns out, I will always regret waiting so long for this milkshake.

She Does Toronto

How SCI works

Volunteer projects: SCI offers thousands of international projects located throughout the world. These projects range from 2-4 week camps to 10-12 month LTV (Long Term Volunteer) projects. 79 more words

How SCI Works

Can More Stores Please Sell More Books?

I have decided to not buy books from Amazon. Gardening gloves for my Dad’s birthday and other such items I will carry on purchasing- there are far more outlets for gardening gloves than for books on the high street. 576 more words

Farmaesthetics Midnight Honey Body Buzz

 Written By Jody Ellis

With summer in full swing, most of us want products that can exfoliate and soften, keeping our skin looking great for those itsy-bitsy bikinis and short-shorts.  227 more words

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Clarify Your Curls

Squeaky clean hair is one of the many no-no’s for natural curly hair, and I couldn’t agree more. This hair type needs constant moisture from shampoos and conditioners that are filled with gentle, hydrating ingredients that don’t strip strands of their natural oils. 349 more words

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