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I need food, where is it?

I scrape for the scraps on the ground as they haul away life force already in destruction.

I wish to end this disgrace and internal tyranny, but with no food where am I to go? 300 more words


Never expect anything, it sets you up for disappointments. Being grateful brings you more joy.


Appreciating the world; what I call the poetic trip.

I’m 18 and the world can seem pretty bleak. This bleakness is caused stress of college work and two jobs…and during this spell where everything seems dull I completely disregard the face that I am lucky to have an education, I’m lucky I have a job let alone two. 212 more words

The Sophisticated Life Answer

People everywhere have different points of views and different religions anywhere you go.  Worldviews dominate todays culture, and they all try to lead to a better life.  555 more words


Dolls and Funny Questions

The fact that I had a cabbage patch doll when I was a little boy – one that I loved and subsequently ripped the head off, came up today in therapy. 63 more words


Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

Freedom Fighter- “a person who takes part in a revolutionary struggle to achieve a political goal, especially in order to overthrow their government”

Terrorism… 593 more words