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Edward Gough Whitlam.

Swept to power in 1972, on a pop star inspired tide of enthusiasm, Gough Whitlam wasted no time in enacting his far reaching and numerous social and political reforms as Prime Minister of Australia. 114 more words

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Mostly, I'm Amazed

A few days ago I read a story online about a teacher who fought a student in a Baltimore school. From what I read in the story, the teacher physically  went after the student only after the student refused to stop using her cell phone in class, then came to the front of the classroom and slung a chair at the teacher. 1,742 more words

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Infectious Panic

Trigger Warnings – Death, Infection, Illness

Ebola. The dreaded word surfaces here on my blog as it does across the news, with screening for this virus commencing in airports across the western world as people fear infection in both the UK and the USA. 1,209 more words

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North Korean dictator Kim Il-sung thought transfusions of blood from youths live 100yr

North Korean revolutionary leader Kim Il-sung would take blood transfusions from men and women in their 20s and spend hours watching children playing in a bid to live to 100, his former doctor said. 477 more words

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About Last Night!

When I do something I normally do it in style and my last night in Hong Kong was not going to be boring.
The day started early, I had been told about some natural infinity pools in the mountains and wanted to go and have a look. 867 more words

Ich staube mit dem Staubsauger

I spent four years studying German and passed my GCSE with an A grade, but can estimate the number of times I’ve used the language during the last decade (side note: sob – can’t believe I’m that old!) using the fingers of one hand.  690 more words

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Give From The Heart

Jesus, thank You for caring more about the condition of my heart than the size of my gift.

Genesis 4: 3-6

Do you try to give what you can, or give what you should? 215 more words

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