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The Middle East In A Nutshell

The right wing religious government in Gaza is locked in a war with the right wing nationalist  government in Israel.  The right wing ethnicist Shia government in Iraq is in serious trouble with the ultra right wing ultra religious ISIS, who along with  other right wing religious Sunni forces, is also fighting the right wing ethnicist dictator of Syria. 405 more words


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Standards slipping?

The Messenger’s Wife

Is throwing herself

At the Sun Again?


The Heat is on,

No thought for the Times, 50 more words

Poetry Perhaps?

Asian culture and its traditions

Coming soon in life & culture;  Asian culture and its traditions , What do you know about your culture,What is that one thing that makes you proud of having an asian origin, Share it with the world. 11 more words


The Scourge of “Development” in the Third World

“Development” in almost any setting means that wealth decides what is to be developed and where, and imposes that plan on the people involved. This happens even where I live, in San Francisco. 1,251 more words


Does the traveling distance affect the results of the FIFA world cup?

The world cup is over, Germany is the new world champion and Brazil was brutally walloped by the Germans in the semi-final. There were a lot of predictions prior to the world cup and most of them (like… 487 more words

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