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Surfing and Day two in Topanga

Rain has found the funniest wet suit, very funky.  All black oneill, but with bright pink neon stripes from the arms and torso all leading down to the crouch area like some kind of arrows ha. 153 more words

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Los Angeles

Landing in LA last night Zeus collected me from the airport and drove me up to his mums in the mountains of Topanga – The weather here is warm – I arrived just after sunset and had to change out of my snow gear at the airport into leggings and sandals – from 2’c to 20’c climates! 662 more words

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From Snow to Deserts

Flying over Peach Springs, New Mexico and Arizona, Grand Canyon..

Mountains and snow.

Those dots that look like salt and pepper –  they are thousands of Trees! 18 more words

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Off again . .

Although there was panic on the journey,  I made it to JFK in time.

There was a really sweet BA flight attendant on the train and we got talking and she insisted on basically chaperoning me all the way to the terminal doors. 217 more words

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Snowy NYC

I downloaded some photos onto this web platform from my camera with my new card reader,  checked my flight and the times/delays and what was happening at the airport. 275 more words

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Last Morning in NYC

My last night in NYC, I went to sleep thinking I had just finally settled in to the time zone, but still woke at 3am! The street light was shining in on to my bunk where the blind was not shut fully, so I looked outside.. 78 more words

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Wall Street

From the docks I walked up Broadway towards Wall street, the streets very very quiet and unlike central there were few shops, and those that were there were shut. 320 more words

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