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Inspirite #39

Many people think of changing/transforming the world, and not many people think of changing/transforming themselves. The irony is each of us individually are part of the world. 217 more words



The world is full of upsetting things. There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “May you live in interesting times!” Actually, I think it is more a curse than a proverb. 244 more words

The World

The Protagonist Takes The Stage

Trigger Warnings – Body image, challenging philosophies meaning this article is not for those unwilling to consider new ideas

The other day, I put up a status on my personal Facebook account about Cat from Red Dwarf and his reasoning as to why the world revolves around him. 1,495 more words

The World

How good are you?

My mother told me that the biggest hurdle of her coming to faith was the truth that no one is good. – “There’s no one who does good, no, not one. 337 more words

Vacationista: Legazpi and Albay, Bicol: Day 2 (Sunday)

ATV Challenge: My friend really wanted to drive an ATV so we arranged it with the Your Brother Travel and Tours group. At 6am, a car picked us up and brought us to the trail. 1,080 more words

The World

Tragedy in Yeovil

Sunday morning, the darkness of Saturday still hanging firmly over the roads. A small car loaded with a male driver and two female passengers swerves around a junction, churned up brambles and landed in the River Parrett. 510 more words


Oh, What a World We Live In

100 Writings in 100 Days

Writing #4

October 19, 2014

Keep the People Afraid

What a world we live in,

Afraid to drink from water hoses for fear of getting cancer, 387 more words

100 Writings In 100 Days