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The Writing Process: Second draft/editing

The next step in the writing process is to write it again. Yep, once you’ve finished the first draft, you have to move on to the second draft, because your first draft will most likely be terrible, and as I’ve said in another post, that’s a beautiful thing. 564 more words

The Writing Process

Hoppity... Hop... Hop... Hop

I was invited by M.L. Ortega, author of Turn Key Condition,  to join a little blog hopping discussion on “The Writing Process”, then to pass the baton on to a couple of other authors who will join in as well.   712 more words

The Writing Process

30-Day Writing Challenge: Building Characters

By: Tia Love

Hello there! Since I last sat at my computer and talked to you about creating complex characters, I hoped that you had a chance to try it out. 724 more words


The Reality Check You Don't Want

In response to another reader’s comment, a few days ago, this comment was left:

Nothing personal, but this is exactly the kind of grandiose, self-indulgent bullshit that aspiring writers say when they’re in denial about the fact that they’re too lazy to do the actual work of writing. 598 more words


Spinning Plates, or The Writing Life

Thank you to my friend and neighbor Susan Cushman for tagging me at Pen and Palette to answer some questions about my writing. If you don’t follow Susan’s blog, go take a look. 759 more words

My Writing Experience

July SXSW Collaboration: Writing Chapter One

For this month’s July SXSW collaboration, Valerie and I are talking about starting anew. We both have finished our trilogies, and we are both embarking on the journey of creating a new series. 950 more words

The Writing Process

Readers, Your Input Is Needed!

I tried this question a few days ago, but the conversation got derailed.

As far as upcoming projects, The White Queen is of course coming out on August 26.   217 more words

The Writing Process