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Day 2/31- Character's Physical Features

By: Tia Love

Question: What are your characters most prominent physical features?

Dark eyes.

The kind that stare into your eyes, reach down to the part of your soul you keep locked away and really KNOW YOU. 183 more words


What "Belongs" in Science Fiction?

One of the principle criticisms I’ve received for The Price of Desire is that there’s a romantic sub-plot and this, somehow, makes it “not” science fiction.   515 more words

The Writing Process

The One Year, Five Year, and Ten Year Plan

As a writer, you need a plan.

As an anything, you need a plan.

When you first start writing, just finishing your book seems like an insurmountable goal.   1,221 more words

The Writing Process

Book Beginnings

Since picking up a pencil in kindergarten at the Carnegie Public Library, I’d dreamed of writing a book. A real book, with interesting things others could learn about, and pictures to go with it. 418 more words

The Writing Process

Day 1/31- Your Character's Relationship With Their Parents

By: Tia Love

Question: Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both.  Was it good?  Bad?  Were they spoiled rotten? Ignored? Do they still get along now or not? 249 more words


Thursday Shenanigans!


I love that word. It’s fun to say, and saying it means having fun.  For those of you that don’t know, there are LIVE Shenanigans on Thursday nights. 741 more words

S.H. Roddey

Keeping track of the chapters you've written

Hello, I’m back! The mistress of old school. The beauty of this piece of paper is that all the chapters (or most of them) are visible at a glance. 291 more words

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