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Strawberry Cream-cheese Crepes

These are very similar to the Nutella Strawberry crepes, but the cream-cheese filling adds a nice tangy twist.  You can bet I’ll be playing around with more crepe filling options like lemon curd, pumpkin, and many more in the near future.   81 more words

The Zone

Paleo Chocolate Crepes

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  We ended up driving 4 hrs to get to my folks house, so it was a loooong drive for only a normal weekend.   332 more words

The Zone


I am heading into the zone as we speak. You know, the one where I have to get all the things made ahead of another market on the weekend? 222 more words

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Strawberry Shortcake

Happy Happy Easter weekend everyone!  Darn all those special candies that are out ruining our self control!! :D

Speaking of self control, you don’t have to control yourself against sugary treats this weekend because I have the fix for you!   113 more words

The Zone

Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas

Did anyone stay up to watch the red moon Tuesday morning?  I was too lazy, but I hear it was pretty cool.  The WEATHER on the other hand has been dreadful.   313 more words

The Zone

the zone

It’s going a bit better today.

I’m so pleased, it takes me a couple hours to get into “the zone” and I got that today. Painting in half hour dribs and drabs is just frustrating.


Mini Almond Chocolate Bites

No, Janelle is not missing, lost, or dead.  She’s just buried in work!  So, I’m bailing her out.  I’ve had this little number ready for months, but I just didn’t post it yet.   211 more words

The Zone