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English/Spanish Cognate of the Day


culpable adj - deserving blame



culpable (adj.) late 13c., coupable, from Old French coupable (12c., Modern French coupable), from Latin culpabilis “worthy of blame,” from culpare “to blame,” from culpa “crime, fault, blame, guilt, error.” English (and for a time French) restored the first Latin -l- in later Middle Ages.


Michel Faber's Book of Strange New Things (Spoilers)

Michel Faber’s latest — and quite possibly his last — novel is truly a strange story or at least premise, when taken at face value. A married Christian preacher man is launched into space (the ‘Jump’) intended for the distant planet of Oasis, in order to pacify and proselytise the local (alien) populace, in what we eventually learn is a corporate arrangement between USIC — the guys who set the deal up, and who run the human base on the planet — and the aliens (so called ‘Oasans’); the former keen to harvest the singular (though versatile) edible resource on the planet in order to prepare the planet for (profitable) future colonisation, the latter even more keen to learn the ways of Jesus from the bible.  1,250 more words