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An art show that celebrates the freedom of expression among young, up-and-coming artistes

For over a year now, Rangoli Metro Art Center has tried to bring to the fore many art forms that dot the cultural landscape of the country, giving a glimpse into the life and works of myriad artists. 490 more words


Paavakathakali, a rare puppet art gets a new lease of life

The ancient glove puppet art form Paavakathakali, originating from Kerala, is slowly dying. Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), a government funded arts organisation, has now taken an initiative to give it a new lease of life by staging performances in the city. 320 more words


A tribute to "The Perfect Musical"

In 1956, the Broadway production of My Fair Lady became the longest running musical theatre production in history. And since then, the musical, based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, has seen a film adaptation and many enthralling theatre revivals across the globe. 350 more words


Capturing a fleeting moment in brush strokes

Meet Amrita Nambiar, an illustrative designer who always dreamt of infusing into a space that ethereal, unpredictable beauty and meaning that would change moods and create experiences. 590 more words


Centuries-old tale retold in new context

Written by German playwright, George Buchner,  is a play set in the fictional kingdoms of Popo and Pipi. In a German state, where the ruler is the final authority and where the subjects have absolutely no free will, Prince Leonce and Princess Lena are forced to marry each other. 395 more words


Special children’s art defies all odds

When asked why they love to paint, the children echo in unison that they draw because it makes them happy.

These children do not belong to any ordinary school where art is taught as part of the curriculum. 422 more words