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Not Quite the Glory of Hera

This week we are continuing our look into the life of Heracles. Previously we examined Heracles’s ancestry, and now we will pick up with the birth of Heracles and his younger years. 673 more words

Greek/Roman Mythology

My Trip To Europe. Day 9. Sunday, October 12. Delphi

A visit to the Oracle (“The Pythian is not in today, we are not accepting queries”).¬† A leeetle bit more of Athens.

And the Coin of the Day is from Thebes. 3,213 more words

2014 Trip To Europe

Thebes: the places of the myths

From the HERMA student lecture series 2014-15

Thebes is a city where the link between mythology and ancient history is so unbreakable that it is very difficult to distinguish where myth ends and history begins. 773 more words


Not Until Her Brothers Are Avenged

This week we are going to start our look into the life of one of the greatest heroes in mythology: the mighty Heracles (or Hercules, to the Romans). 712 more words

Greek/Roman Mythology

King of Macedon

Justin’s Alexander
Book XI Chapters 1-5
Part One
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