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Capitol Concerns Gone Wild

We love Lionsgate, but sometimes these guys just set themselves up!

Behold, Capitol Concerns– an open forum on TheCapitol.PN for the questions and concerns of Hunger Games fans as the release of Mockingjay approaches. 438 more words


Show Me the Chair

This week we finally got the teaser trailer, and while everyone and their imaginary friend was having kittens over how creepy President Snow is, or how creepy Peeta’s turn of the head was, I was having a gay ol’ time deciphering the thing the President was sitting his creepy ass down in. 583 more words


The Capitol.PN Introduces "Capitol Concerns" Feature, New Image of Peeta & President Snow

The Capitol.PN has updated the site and social media accounts to include a new, very white photo of Peeta and President Snow looking just like statues.   116 more words

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President Snow's Message To Panem Is Here!

In case you’re like us and you fell asleep before the release of TheCapitol.PN’s latest advertisement, IT’s HEEEEEEERE!

We dare you to try and hold back your Katniss-style screech of… 93 more words


Reactionary Fangirl Freakout: Mockingjay Propaganda Posters


We’re introducing some new fanon today, so pay care attention:
Somehow, some way Norman Rockwell traveled in time to Panem and was recruited to create district propaganda posters for The Capitol. 606 more words


TheCapitol.PN Revamped, Honors Hunger Games District Heroes

THE HUNGER GAMES’ TheCapitol.PN has been revamped and is showing off new propaganda posters, the first MOCKINGJAY movie promotion we’ve seen since the release of the MOCKINGJAY digital look last month! 55 more words

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The Capitol.PN Begins to Come Alive Again

It’s been awhile since TheCapitol.PN has had any new material, but it looks like that is going to change soon! With just over five months until¬† 50 more words

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