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"God's Not Dead", but That Doesn't Mean He's Alive

Now, before anyone just reads the title and starts raging all over the place, please understand that I am not trying to convert, change or offend anyone. 758 more words


Metaphysics and Materialism

Thomas: Brother Po, I find I cannot agree with you that everything is not accurately explained by what we see, and what science tells us. I mean, the soul boils down to just some fancy neurology… I can point to here and here on the brain and explain everything about you! 1,658 more words


The first few back and forth's between an athiest and a theist

So, I was reading Jezebel as I far too often do and came upon this article with the following passage:

I guess I’m an atheist. Or I would be if I identified as anything, except — like a lot of my peers — I don’t.

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On The Cosmological Argument

The grapevine informs me that today is National Ask An Atheist Day. What better day, then, to begin in earnest the project I set out for this blog? 647 more words


Personal Theism and Contingent Persons

I sometimes hear it said that some people are ready to countenance that there exists a being which is necessary, transcends the world, and is related to the world as it’s explanation or cause, and yet for whom the suggestion that this being is ultimately personal is too much to swallow. 1,294 more words