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The first few back and forth's between an athiest and a theist

So, I was reading Jezebel as I far too often do and came upon this article with the following passage:

I guess I’m an atheist. Or I would be if I identified as anything, except — like a lot of my peers — I don’t.

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On The Cosmological Argument

The grapevine informs me that today is National Ask An Atheist Day. What better day, then, to begin in earnest the project I set out for this blog? 647 more words


Personal Theism and Contingent Persons

I sometimes hear it said that some people are ready to countenance that there exists a being which is necessary, transcends the world, and is related to the world as it’s explanation or cause, and yet for whom the suggestion that this being is ultimately personal is too much to swallow. 1,294 more words


Why the Attack on Clemson Football Coach Exposes the Double Standard of Anti-Religious Movement

On the commute to my office this morning, I was listening to ESPN radio, as I often do.  Jorge Sedano (@SedanoESPN) is filling in for Colin Cowherd today and discussing the activity of the Freedom From Religion Foundation that has filed a complaint and called for the firing of Dabo Swinney, the Clemson Football Coach, over allegations that he has forced his religion upon players.   345 more words

Getting High

Remember George Lakoff and his wonderful book Metaphors We Live By? He and co-writer Mark Johnson argued that metaphors are not “merely” symbolic;  instead, they shape and determine how we think. 400 more words


Which religion is true? You have to look at the evidence.

Sometimes I really wish that I could stop watching these theist/atheist debates, but I find them incredibly interesting just to see what the positions are and where the arguments are. 589 more words


Freedom From Religion: Experience

In chapter seven of Noel McGivern’s book, Freedom From Religion, he reveals the origin of his atheism. From the very beginning of the chapter McGivern indicates that what initially drove him away from religion was the cruel treatment he received in Catholic school. 354 more words