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Why do you believe in God?

This question is only for those who DO believe in God.

Why do you believe in God? I really want to know. Please state briefly: 91 more words

You Betcha

We’re either all going to Heaven or we ain’t.
– Sonny Steele

When the end comes to this old world,
The righteous will cry and the rest will curl up, 1,106 more words


Distinguishing Between History and Theology

Distinguishing Between History and Theology

Creationism, Biblical Literalism, and History

June 18th, 2012

On May 15th, Gallup completed a poll on American attitudes on the role of divinity in creation. 564 more words

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Pain, Suffering, and Evil: Evidence For or Against God's Existence?

This issue of pain, suffering, and evil is one that none of us are removed from. It has and will affect us all in many different ways; everything from skinned knees to the loss of loved ones to human cruelty. 1,192 more words

"The Universe" as Diet Theism

Today, on “The Blogger Takes Things More Seriously Than They Were Probably Intended”: let’s talk about when people make reference to the universe as some kind of sentient, powerful entity with a will of its own and the ability to make choices.

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