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Daily Opinion: The Idiotic Battle of Theists versus Atheists

Yesterday, I was on Google+ looking for communities to join. One upon which I stumbled was a community for atheists. Now, my first reaction when I saw that was something like, “Ew, atheists,” followed by an acrid taste in my mouth. 322 more words

Andre C Griffiths

The Kindness of an Atheist

**Please note that this post is about FRIENDSHIP and the kindness of an atheist and is NOT about dating an atheist…that’s a post for another day.** 1,284 more words



Shocking title!?
I bet it is,many defensive people are ready to get upset
And atheist are happy perhaps?

Before jumping to conclusion..
Finish my article then let s see your reaction… 290 more words

Being atheist during holidays

My friend asked me how/why I still celebrate holidays as an atheist, and it was very simple for me to answer. I believe in family, tradition, and a small break from the real world. 626 more words


Unfinished thoughts on free will and determinism

Earlier tonight, Vanderbilt’s Interfaith Council hosted its annual Interfaith panel where religious leaders and scholars from the local community come together to express what they, as both individuals and practicians of the faith they’re there to represent, believe on the topic at hand. 1,607 more words


I Started A Religion, and You're Already Part of It

I have decided to start a new religion, and the good news is that you are already part of it! You actually have no choice. Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, it doesn’t matter – you’re already part of my church! 298 more words


Big Hole found in Naturalism

Naturalism has been a burden to Christians for over two thousand years now. We can end this burden if we are equipped the right knowledge we can put an end to it.