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Big Hole found in Naturalism

Naturalism has been a burden to Christians for over two thousand years now. We can end this burden if we are equipped the right knowledge we can put an end to it.


Annoyed Ad Nauseam

Evidence does not construct itself into meaningful patterns. That is our work to perform.

–Terryl & Fiona Givens

One of the things in life that annoys me is persons who assert that their point of view is superior because your point of view has zero evidence to support it.

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The World Vs An Agnostic Theist

As a Agnostic Theist , I believe in the moral standing of the man called Jesus OR the story of the man; whether that is true or not. 47 more words


Great Dialogue on Jesus' Resurrection: Atheist and Theist

I am still finishing up my notes and slide for a seminar on Apologetics 101.   I came across this video that touches on one of the topics we will be covering.   57 more words


"God is imaginary"? Really? Part 8: Slavery

I’m feeling like I’m on a roll today as I continue to review the website “God is imaginary”, so I’m going to jump ahead a few “proofs” to… 38 more words


"God is imaginary"? Really? Part 6: the Bible

Looking again to the website “God is imaginary”, we come to Proof Number Five: Read the Bible.

This particular “proof” contains an imaginary discussion between 2 people, “Chris” and “Norm”. 786 more words


Finding God, Part 2

As described in Part 1, God cannot be proven.  Thus, we have to decide on a “belief”.  This is something we accept as being true which cannot be proven to be true, but also cannot be proven to be false.  384 more words