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"Why are there still Monkeys"...

… and other things stupid theists say to atheists. (Please note I said stupid theists. Not all theists are stupid.)

So I should start off with pointing out that yes, I am an atheist. 887 more words

It is Okay to Stop Believing

It took me several months to go through the entire process of realizing I didn’t have faith anymore. Putting it like that, it seems insignificant compared to flashy conversion stories involving God coming down from ON HIGH to make mere mortals feel good about themselves. 1,237 more words


Losing my atheism

It’s gone.

I don’t miss it, either.


About God....

Click here to view this author’s refreshing ideas about God’s nature and personhood. The author, who apparently is or was associated with MIT—student? professor? staff?—makes no mention of Jesus, so I deduce she or he is not a Christ-follower. 70 more words


The Power(lessness) of Prayer


  • address to God: a spoken or unspoken address to God, a deity, or a saint.
  • addressing of God: the act or practice of making spoken or unspoken addresses to God, a deity, or a saint…
  • 1,384 more words

Tearing Skeptic Magazine a New One.

Skeptic Magazine contains a goodly share of crap.

And to think I bought three years of it. That’s a syllogism, isn’t it? The magazine is crap and their subscribers are morons – I’m a subscriber, therefore . 1,179 more words

Reviewing 'The Black God's War'

I dunno what exactly I expected from this novel, written by the rather unfortunately named Moses Siregar III, but it’s less action and more philosophic than I figured. 518 more words