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Pastor Grabs Man's Junk

Gaylard Williams, the pastor at Praise Cathedral Church of God has been accused of grabbing a man’s genitals.

WLKY reports,

According to court documents, the victim told police that on Friday, Williams approached his vehicle that was parked at Cypress Lake.

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Bar Owner, Managers In Myanmar Being Prosecuted Over Intolerant Religious Law

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is not a place full of the kind of human rights laws enjoyed by some other countries.

Freedom of religion is scant.  366 more words


Pastor Upset That All People Are Protected By The First Amendment

Mark D. Boykin, pastor of Church of All Nations in Boca Raton, Florida is angry that people besides Christians are protected under the First Amendment. 575 more words


Parents Freak Out Over Vocabulary Lesson Using Muhammad As Example

Parents in Farmville, North Carolina are freaking out because a vocabulary lesson uses Muhammad, so-called prophet of the Islamic faith as an example.

Todd Starnes, of Fox News… 892 more words


Woman Murders Her Son To Send Him To Heaven

A woman in Wellington, Kansas has been charged with the murder of her 10 year old son.

Lindsay Blansett committed the premeditated murder of her son Caleb believing it better for him to go to heaven than to suffer in life.  651 more words


First Female Bishop

The Church of England has just appointed it’s first female bishop.

You can check it out on the BBC if you’d like.

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Islamic State's Penal Code

The Islamic State (IS), has created it’s own penal code.  Without any surprise it’s full of extreme punishments for victimless ‘crimes’ against Islam.

The infractions against the Muslim god are torn straight from scripture, as are the barbaric punishments. 265 more words