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Do atheists exist?

Despite over 2% of the American population self-identifying as atheists, I guess some theists still try to pretend we don’t exist.

At least, that’s what one… 1,246 more words

Personal Opinions

Women Tortured and Killed in the Name of Superstition

In India, thousands of women have been tortured and killed since 2002:

In places where superstition and vigilantism overlap and small rumors can turn deadly, nearly 2,100 people accused of witchcraft have been killed between 2000 and 2012, according to crime records…

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A Human Condition

Religion – what a nasty subject to write about. Frankly, I will be real with you and say that I’m not a fan of religion. Religion is darkness, friend, and I know this to be truth. 703 more words


Atheist & Theist

Oh man! You’re an atheist! You can kill people without any reason but we can’t kill anyone.

So, You’re talking about differences! After eating something you thank your God for the food but I thank my parents. 26 more words


Time as god

Perhaps I’ll be tarred and feathered by the masses for daring to say such a thing. It’s quite possible that theists and non-theists alike will erupt in flaming pandemonium at the irreverent gall of such a declaration. 342 more words

Philosophy For Living Well

I Do Not Hate Religious People

When I say I dislike religion,

I am stating that I dislike

A system of belief. 

If I said I disliked marine biology 

Would people be offended?  60 more words


Enough of this. Enough of “God will save them”, “Pray for the Palestinians”, “Life is a test”, “They’ll go to heaven”. Enough of excusing their pain for selfish comfort. 49 more words