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"Why are there still Monkeys"...

… and other things stupid theists say to atheists. (Please note I said stupid theists. Not all theists are stupid.)

So I should start off with pointing out that yes, I am an atheist. 887 more words

The Fear of Science

Many theists challenge science merely because it’s in their nature to take a contrary standpoint to anything that threatens their religion, and science is undoubtedly the strongest contender. 182 more words


Dude! want some cake?

Whenever I hear “flip flops” and “old and wise” in the same sentence, I think about Dudeism. If I were to follow a religion, I think I’d pick Dudeism. 922 more words

Daily Stuffs

Why don't you believe?

A quick message for non-believers.

If there is no God as you say, then in the end I lose nothing. But if there is a God like I say, in the end you lose everything. 317 more words


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Compare this to the teachings in the Quarn developed by Mohammad who was a brutal warlord and its amazing that there are any Muslims in the world.

Answers to Questions for Theists

Over at his blog (http://maasaiboys.wordpress.com/) makagutu has posted some questions for theists(http://maasaiboys.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/questions-for-theists/).

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to consider the questions as I might have in my Christian days. 665 more words

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