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Something To Think About: Split Brain With One Half Atheist and One Half Theist

Split-brain is a lay term to describe the result when the corpus callosum connecting the two hemispheres of the brain is severed to some degree. It is an association of symptoms produced by disruption of or interference with the connection between the hemispheres of the brain.

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We are God’s children living in a world hostile to Him and His standards. The presence of God in your life does not mean there will be an absence of problems. 383 more words


Scripture Overload

The Bible is THE Word of God. It has everlasting truth and can answer many questions raised by a true believer or a cynical atheist. The books of the Bible contain beautiful verses, amazing events and lovable people who had a wonderful relationship with God. 319 more words


Meet Your Family

Loved one of God, whether you are a loner who can’t stand a crowd or an extrovert with the wrong circle of friends, join a fellowship and experience the joy of praising God with your brothers and sisters.  286 more words