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Degrees of Existence

The problem of evil is probably my favorite argument against the existence of God.

When I first read that, it just sounded more like he was calling out to God because he’s in so much pain. 217 more words

Who invented stupidity?

No one did. It’s just the absence of knowledge. No, wait, that’s ignorance. Okay then, it’s the absence of skills.

So in philosophy class, weeks ago, a question about stupid people came up. 400 more words

"Why are there still Monkeys"...

… and other things stupid theists say to atheists. (Please note I said stupid theists. Not all theists are stupid.)

So I should start off with pointing out that yes, I am an atheist. 887 more words

The Fear of Science

Many theists challenge science merely because it’s in their nature to take a contrary standpoint to anything that threatens their religion, and science is undoubtedly the strongest contender. 182 more words