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Transitional Characters

Becoming a parent has made me think a lot about what values and experiences I want to share with my child. Besides my own family experiences, I have seen in others how each generation flows into the next. 502 more words

Aleister Crowley (1875)

Crowley was a 20th-century English occultist who developed a religious philosophy called Thelema. As a young adult, he was a member of the influential occult society the… 52 more words

Old Videos taken by cell phone but now able to upload

I;m not sure why i blog post because i can see 250 a day look at posts here and maybe 50 at the COC blog. But only maybe 2 people in the US and 4 people in England Germany Switzerland seem to be reading and commenting. 99 more words


A parricidal pomp of atheists

“Just because science so far has failed to explain something, such as consciousness, to say it follows that the facile, pathetic explanations which religion has produced somehow by default must win the argument is really quite ridiculous.” 920 more words


Ear Tickling

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I’ve seen a trend lately in our local body of people spending a lot of time “congratulating” others. 306 more words


The Great Hermaphrodite & the Notion of Transhumanism in Thelema

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As we find ourselves in the 2nd century of the Æon of Heru Ra-Ha, we might logically conclude that we are only at the initial stages of what will ultimately become the Great Work of the entire æon. 4,682 more words