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The Deep Hurt of Being Affected

You know when someone sneaks up behind you and screams “BOO!” and makes you jump? That’s being affected. There are also other ways of being affected, most insiduously when someone says something that gets past your guard and changes how you think, perhaps redirecting your whole life in a direction they want your life to take, for whatever hidden reasons of their own. 739 more words

Diary And Biography

Thelemic Cosmology in comparison with Jungian Collective Consciousness and the Big Bang Theory pt. 2 - Hadit

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In the next part of this essay we shall explore the second chapter of The Book of the Law (Liber Al vel Legis) and its principal speaker – Hadit. 1,832 more words


"This Is My Body" Video - Very Powerful

I actually found this wonderful and powerful video entitled This Is My Body on a Tumblr page then traced it back to YT and will attempt to embed it here, but if that does not work then just link through the title above or the… 147 more words

Documentary Videos

Corona XI

I’ll be alternating between Corona and Mystagogue for the remainder of the month. Gotta keep you on your toes.

I, II, III, … 114 more words


Shining Through (Redux)

In my dark hours
She shines through the greyest clouds

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Shining Through (R) by G A Rosenberg

Thelemic Cosmology in comparison with Jungian Collective Consciousness and the Big Bang Theory pt. 1 – Nuit

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The following essay will be divided into three parts in which we will explore through various modern scientific methods and knowledge, the triadic cosmology of the mystical & philosophical system of Thelema which consists of three “Gods”: Nuit, Hadit & Heru Ra-Ha.  4,300 more words


Marcelo Motta plagiarized Dion Fortune

I started reading Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune and you know what?

Motta’s Astral Attack and Defense reads almost word-for-word in several places. Note that in Motta’s book he only states that the identities have been changed for privacy reasons. 929 more words