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Shawnus Crowley Smoking in the Buddhist Shaivite Temple

My thinner rendition of Aleister Crowley, smoking a black and silver Meerschaum pipe, towards the end of his life…


Short Stories 365/348

“The Bloomsbury Nudes” by Jameson Currier from The Haunted Heart and Other Tales, Chelsea Station Editions 2014. Originally published by Lethe Press, 2009.

The next story in the collection is “The Man in the Mirror” but I reviewed it already as part of the inaugural issue of… 220 more words


A watering of the flowers

In some religious traditions, there is a “fall” from the purity of the teachings of the founder. Oral traditions are lost or changed as the written tradition emerges. 690 more words

This is Not a Satanicke Altar at the Red Lodge, well maybe.......

In a previous post I have posted photographs from the Red Lodge. Here are some more. It is late at night for me so the pictures and videos will have little or no explanation. 147 more words



Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

We spoke with esoteric author J. Daniel Gunther about his now seminal texts on Thelemic magick, Initiation in the Aeon of the Child and last year’s… 221 more words


The Prime Trigrams of XXVII Aligned with the Cipher of II:76

In the preceding post, the glyphs of the Cipher that are numbers were aligned with nine trigrams in the Liber XXVII sequence, resulting in a set of trigrams whose sum is 93. 313 more words

Trigrammaton Qabalah