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Bob Geldof was granted knighthood as the Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 1986. He married Paula Yates in the same year and had two daughters; one of which was Peaches. 442 more words

Illuminati / Satanism (Expose)

#83 xPOV

That notorious British lunatic philosopher & reprobate occultist Sir Aleister Crowley “discovered” his own religion in 1904.

Unusual and compelling spirits revealed to him that he was — a… 538 more words

My Holiday Tribute To The Book Of The Law by LA Morgan

This blog entry is a brief account of my Shamanic initiation and discovery of Thelema.

It has been nine years since I first entered the spirit vision. 1,042 more words

The 110th Anniversary of the Transmission of Liber Al vel Legis through Rose Kelly to Aleister Crowley

I almost forgot today to post the fact that 110 years ago in the Cairo Museum Rose Kelly led Aleister Crowley to an obscure part of the British Museum, saying, “they are calling you” and led him to Stele exibhit #555 which was a pained front and back Stele of the Priest Alkh-af-na Khonsu as an Ibis scribe writing what Ra / Horus / Ra-Hoor-Khuit was chanelling to him. 62 more words


Re-cap and update - a look to the future

Dearest Divine

I think it is sometimes worth looking back to make sense of the present and the path to the future. I don’t mean looking back wistfully or wishing events were different as that would be a pointless exercise. 1,385 more words

The Shadow Tarot

The Shadow Tarot is a magickal talismanic expression of art that gives visual representation to the guardians of the Tunnels of Set, evoking ancient and atavistic energies and opening portals to other dimensions. 264 more words


the secret of everything lies in consciousness

From the standpoint of metagnosis, or true metaphysic, science is no less a superstition than religion. Both have led man to the morass of which he now flounders. 222 more words