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2 Card Trick - Fire & Passion

2 Card Trick

1. 3 of Wands: Lord of Virtue (Sun in Aries)

2. Ace of Wands: Root of the Power of Fire

The 3 of Wands shows the desire to work with others to create a new dynamic; something that brings collective success and remains authentic to your journey as individuals. 257 more words

Asha Maria

There are Rituals of the Elements and Feasts of the Times

One of the most obscure aspects of the Book of the Law is its insistence on observing “the rituals of the elements and the feasts of the times” while providing only a vague idea of what is meant by the verse. 5,627 more words


Books Forged from Hell Fire

My journey through the world of publishing has taken a bespoken turn this year with the publication of the limited edition of handmade, leather bound copies of my latest tome on ceremonial magick, … 1,375 more words

D G Mattichak Jr

What Thelema Means to Me, part one

Geez, I feel like I’m about to write “what I did on my summer vacation.” Actually, I have two motives here. The first is, I’ve accepted a challenge to complete several Thelemic tasks and this is one of them, and secondly, I don’t want anyone who might actually read the tripe I write to think all I do is bitch and moan about things (see previous blog entires for bitching and moaning). 299 more words

Women Magicians as Victims

At this point I’m going to write in generalities and not name names.  The person who has my ire up is undoubtedly not the only one with these ideas, and may not be the only one blogging about them. 995 more words

There's no point in living if you have boring sex.

I stand here in a small enchanted spot that stands at the intersection between my favorite esoteric realms of sexuality: PUA, BDSM, Polyamory… 612 more words



I sat down with my 12-string acoustic guitar earlier today, with the idea that I would write a song.

The action on the guitar is very high, so it requires a lot of effort to fret notes clearly. 291 more words