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The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms / Them! (Double Feature)

Humanity has split the atom, unleashing a new era of science – an era that would also unleash monstrous celluloid rampages. An A-bomb test in the Arctic awakens The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, and it makes New York City its stomping ground in the movie (based on a story by Ray Bradbury) that launched a string of Atomic Age creature features. 61 more words

FATE (Fuck All The Ego)

FATE (Fuck All The Ego)
She continuously spoke fast and in a loud tone,”Just a few days back, my ego got the best of me. 216 more words

Holy Insight


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Vintage Door Knobs And How To Give Them A New Objective

It is been a although because I haven’t observed men and women who have door knobs in their homes or apartments. To be truthful, I really like them and since I was a child I wondered how they functioned. 26 more words

Decorating Ideas

Quantum Philosophy (1 of x)

(Extract from pMYRIAD).

The value of x = 1 or the value of x =0. While it does not the value of x is in superimposition and is not in superimposition for superimposition means only the value of x = 1 or the value of x = 0.   154 more words


Mẹo tăng thêm chỗ ngồi cho phòng khách nhỏ

Những mẹo nhỏ sau đây trong trang trí nội thất sẽ khiến cho không gian phòng khách gia đình trở nên rộng rãi và thoáng đãng hơn. 463 more words

My Beloved Child, April 21

Jesus, You say to me, “You are my beloved child. I am well pleased in you. Now live that way.” Satan on the other hand says, “Look at you…at the condition of your circumstances…at how poorly you’re living. 82 more words