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Six Flags Fiesta Texas New Ride 2014 Bahama Blaster

Six Flags Fiesta texas will feature a new water slide in its park for the 2014 season. Bahama Blaster will blast people down a water slide at high speeds and into a water pool! 156 more words


Countdown Until Opening Day!

18 DAYS! 

That’s right, friends. 18 days until America’s Roller Coast opens. In case you’re wondering what that is, it’s Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio… 128 more words


Tokyo Disneyland: A Guide

The problem with Japan sometimes is that there are just too many people. Anything considered even remotely popular, cool or special will be crowded to a degree that is just beyond-belief. 568 more words


Ferris Wheels and Carousels

There is no denying that any native of Bulawayo knows without a doubt that the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair is the highlight of our city! The city comes alive, hotels are fully booked, most business is booming and my all time favorite…”Luna Park” comes to town… 262 more words


Puteri Cove Residences at Puteri Harbour

Puteri Cove Residences, a luxury condominium in Malaysia’s Iskandar region being built by Singaporean developers has met with strong demand.

Puteri Cove Residences, by local developers Pacific Star and DB2, has sold 83 per cent of 450 units released to the public within a week of its launch. 613 more words

Iskandar News

跟波妞一起玩- Legoland

在B一歲半的時候我們就在朋友的吆喝下去了Legoland, 因為年票價錢真的沒多多少也乖乖的買了年票. 但其實他們還太小能玩的東西真的很少, 每次去都只是去playground玩一玩, 再去玩玩樂高積木就回家了(要玩這些在對面的公園玩溜滑梯在家玩樂高就好了啊! 大老遠跑去SD給我玩這些….真是@#$% >_< )  34″ 以上多了幾個rides可以玩, 但大致就是不太會動的那種飛機阿直升機阿, 並沒有太吸引人, 後來真的就懶得開下去了.

這次剛好朋友有免費的票大夥就一起去玩, B這次已經超過36″所以可以玩的東西就更多更好玩了!  這次有開船, 開車(Junior Driving School), 開飛機, 還有騎馬.  雖然只玩了四個rides但覺得好好玩哪!

但之後我想除非是朋友邀約, 不然我們應該會等到Dri 36″可以一起玩再去吧!

San Diego