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Fabrica Researchers Explore Temperature Theme For Sensory Set Up In Milan

Milan 2014: dripping water from ice-encased tropical plants and quietly rotating feather-patterned fans featured in this climate-themed exhibition by Italian study centre Fabrica (+ slideshow). 19 more words

Brushing up on HTML and CSS.

It’s really been a long time that I have worked with HTML and CSS and basically any *web* language. So I have been trying to read up on HTML and CSS and to be honest, I had forgotten most of them. 356 more words

¡Amamos triángulos

Triangles and fairy tales go together like wolves and pigs.  As teachers, we revel in their many symbiotic relationships: those trichotomous pigs, questions, bears, problems, porridges, knocks at the door, and stepsisters inspire us to view the three angles and lines of a triangle in a multitude of ways.   150 more words


This Week in PreKindergarten #28: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

In PreKindergarten this week, it was all about protecting the three little pigs and outsmarting that tricky wolf! The wolf, or, el lobo, made several appearances in our classroom this week, attempting to prove how strong she was by blowing down houses. 300 more words


"All I Need" - new poem

*This also posted on my alternate blog, Marie Lavender’s Books!

All I Need

It was on a night like tonight that I lay,

wondering what it was I felt, 320 more words


Changes to SynergyNet Code Delivery

Throughout SynergyNet 3′s development there have been various problems concerning the availability of its supporting maven repository.  Until recently the repository was provided through an instance of artifactory which has now unfortunately reached the end of its lifespan.   185 more words