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game mechanics and tone

the above is a video from extra credit that touches on some things kim and i have been talking about a lot lately. the idea that game systems are best suited to certain stories, and they also effect the tone of the game. 72 more words

It's Beginning to Look at Lot Like Christmas!

I am done decorating!  Yesterday I made and put up the decorations for the outside.  I can’t decorate much on my front porch like I use to as the puppies would have stuff chewed up.   158 more words


It's Alive!!!!

TEDx Youth @ Jane & Finch has a website, a Twitter handle and a Facebook page. So by this standard, it is alive and ready for conversations. 56 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Bridal Showers

Are you too classy for just a bachelorette party? Or perhaps you just need some sort of celebration without the gag gifts? A bridal shower is definitely the option for you (or both, why not?). 89 more words


Submerged//Unearthed: Narratives of the End (March Issue Theme)

The third issue’s theme:

Submerged//Unearthed: Narratives of the End

Note: You’ll need a shovel, some good work gloves (leather is preferable), and a bit of spirit. 361 more words


Game Room Decorating Ideas: Part 1- Game Room Themes

There are many different ways to decorate a game room, and a million different things you could put into it. But your game room should be a personal reflection of yourself and your family – somewhere you will all feel comfortable. 357 more words

Climax - more Resolution Emotion, I'm Sneaking up on the Climax creativity and Plots, Entertainment and Excitement

17 December 2014, this blog is about writing in scenes.  I’m focusing on the tools to build scenes.  I’ll leave up the parts of a novel because I think this is an important picture for any novelist.  522 more words