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Fairytale Princess Tea Party Theme Ideas

How massive are tea parties amongst little girls? Classic and endless. Probably your child has attended a single already. Or you’ve been to a entertaining Alice in Wonderland tea party. 29 more words

Women Ideas

Be My Friend

Next week, October 10th, my first full novel will be available on Amazon. For a script editor, it’s a little odd to be sitting on the other side of the table, waiting for the feedback, waiting for the tough review, waiting to see whether I have managed what I set out to do – engage the reader. 258 more words


Sudden Inspiration

This is a continuation of a theme I started yesterday on how I come up with writing material. All I can say is that it’s not always a deliberate undertaking. 361 more words

Climax - I'm Sneaking up on the Climax creativity and Plots, Entertainment and Excitement

2 October 2014, this blog is about writing in scenes.  I’m focusing on the tools to build scenes.  I’ll leave up the parts of a novel because I think this is an important picture for any novelist.  497 more words

I remember ...

For National Poetry Day’s theme of ‘Remember,’ I would like to share a tribute poem with you from my Life Lines pamphlet (Mudfog:2013)

How you shone… 91 more words


Coffee, Catharsis and Flicks

Grumpy Gator Cafe’ Press-Release,Tempesta di Merda, Fl.

Bobby Catharsis, life coach and self-proclaimed lover of cannabis, will host a weekly watch and drink coffee and talk about movies evenings at… 151 more words


The Rose and the Rapist

When imagining a “sick” rose, one might picture the flower drooping to one side, with shriveled petals that have started to lose their vibrant color.  Without even reading Blake’s poem, one would expect that the tone of “The Sick Rose” would be dark and depressing in nature.   337 more words

The Symbol Of The Rose (10/2)