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Must read If I Die In The Service Of Science: The Dramatic Stories of Medical Scientists Who Experimented on Themselves you have to learn.

If I Die in the Service of Science (First published as Guinea Pig Doctors) details the lives, experiments and discoveries of eight medical doctors who, in the course of their scientific investigations, used their own bodies to verify their revolutionary medical theories. 150 more words


On needing a higher dosage

<During a fake Ceremony of Twelve today, the students received “pills” (Altoids) for their “Stirrings.”>
“Miss! The pill isn’t working! I think I need another one!” 18 more words


On chapstick and pop culture

<Girl student drops her EOS lip balm on the floor.>
“It’s Pokemon!”
“Pikachu! I choose you!”
“Very funny guys, now someone pick it up.”
<Boy student picks it up and promptly throws it again.> 76 more words


On Wishbone

“So, to give you an idea of the pieces of the story before we read them, we’re going to be watching clips of Wishbone-”
“The little dog? 29 more words


On "The Stirrings"

It’s that time of year again, where we read about sexual feelings in The Giver, and my kids dissolve into giggles. Last year was pretty good, but this year’s sound bites were, too. 218 more words


On an everyday superhero.

<Student and I walk out of the building toward my portable together. Maintenance men startle us both by hammering on the roof.>
<Student shoves me behind him, away from the noise.> 98 more words