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Happy Halloween!

Even though Halloween is a little bit annoying in Germany, I’m still excited about this holiday because it’s Theo’s first.

Last week, I did a quick little sewing project to make him a special onesie for today, since his first costume is store-bought.  226 more words


Somebody's teething!

Actually, I am – my top left wisdom tooth is breaking through a little bit more and it’s sore up there. So I can certainly commiserate with Theo, who is the one I obviously meant when I said somebody’s teething. 131 more words

Life According To Me

One of my favorites

Just had to share this gem of a photo from our Mallorca trip.

A finger definitely made its way up my nose for this shot. I might just have to frame this one! 37 more words

Life According To Me


Magic is a night of 3- to 4-hour stretches of sleep after a night of being awake every hour.

Magic is a morning with light like this: 16 more words

Life According To Me

Theo's Journey of Eternity

Theo was lying face-flat on the soft marsh under a clear sunny blue sky in his acrobat suit. He was a normal boy with sea-green eyes and jet black hair. 1,400 more words

Before Your First Day Of School : A Snapshot

Everyone is asleep and I am making your lunch. Buttering wholemeal sandwiches and filling them with ham and cheese and lettuce. Wrapping them in baking paper. 296 more words


Rajan, Benji and now Theo...Our german shepherds...

Olappura nostalgia is not complete without mentioning about the Dogs we had, all german shepherds…In the seventies Rajan, used to rule here. Every body in the family including my cousins remember him still. 84 more words