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Theo’s Organic Dark Chocolate with Coconut

Theo’s is an award-winning chocolate company from Seattle. However, this is my first time trying their products and I have to say I am quite excited!  309 more words


Theo Walcott to return in Under 21s game against Blackburn

Theo Walcott is set to make his long awaited comeback from ligament injury in the Under 21s game against Blackburn.

Year of the Walcott

I once predicted that I was about to be hit in the face by a pigeon. When it happened I did very little to stop it apart from shout ‘Pigeon bastard!’ and prepare my face for impact. 553 more words

recipe : yogurt and peanut butter doggie treats

. to let your dogs tummy enjoy .

We all love our little (or maybe not so little) furry friends, so treats are a must. I am always on the search for new treat ideas for Theo and was so excited when my favorite yogurt brand siggis had a treat for dogs. 78 more words

Personal Recipes

Disappointing Times

Disappointment, is a understatement for the gunners at this time. Year after year the same situation seems to happen. The sad thing about it is that us, the fans, can only comment and discuss among each other what the club should do. 240 more words

De ondergang van de zorg

”Handen die ratelen over een toetsenbord of schuiven over een I-pad dat is wat het beeld zorg belichaamt vandaag de dag”

Het is middag in het zorgcentrum.

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Jetty chunked transfer encoding without keep-alive

I’m streaming data over HTTP using Jetty as a server. The data comes from a message queue, and I’m handling the processing asynchronously, printing messages to the connection when it is ready and there are messages available. 357 more words