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Resurrection of Christ

Many people don’t believe in the resurrection of Christ—it is not possible, it defies god’s plan, etc.  But for those who really deem themselves as true Christians, Paul states that one must believe this to be true for their faith to be true/strong.  268 more words


The Big Baptism Lie

It doesn’t take a first century scholar to read the historical record of the early church and realize Christianity in the 21st century is strikingly different. 620 more words


The problem with keeping God in our intellectual box

When we come to Christ we become supernatural beings. Our natural was placed inside Christ’s supernatural. In fact, according to Paul, acting like a “mere human” is worldly behavior ( 994 more words



A Lutheran understanding of sin can be seen as a person turning away from GOD, by focusing on their own desires, and letting the temptation for those desires pull one further spiritually from the LORD.  410 more words


Faith in Question

Faith.  What is it? What does it look like? Does a person with faith see the world more clearly, and when they look through the permeated sky of smog and clouds do they see three-thousand stars shining bright, or the faint glimmer of a single standing star in a desolate field of black? 561 more words


For Purposes of Clarification: Some Thoughts In the Aftermath of "On the Cosmological Argument"

The purpose of my consideration of the cosmological argument in my previous entry was not to argue that God definitively doesn’t exist so much as it was to argue that the cosmological argument, which is often taken to provide strong evidence in favor of God’s existence, does not in fact do so. 1,491 more words