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Five Great Works of Russian Literature and Theology

You probably know that Eerdmans publishes fantastic Bible commentaries. You’re likely aware of our respected theological monographs, our groundbreaking ethics texts, and our library of ministry resources. 1,061 more words

Five Great Books

Correction, Discipleship and Humility in Theology

I like to be right. There, I said it. Not only do I like to be right about silly things like the name of a song or who was in that one movie, but I also like to be right about really big things like God. 1,524 more words


Comprehensive Salvation

In his work Paradise Restored David Chilton cites Cornelius Van Til’s An Introduction to Systematic Theology. Before citing Van Til Chilton is making a case for seeing the scope of redemption as encompassing… 412 more words


Battalogeo and a Heavenly Prayer Language

By Eric Davis – Posted at The Cripplegate:

I remember the first few times hearing about a heavenly prayer language. Some called it praying, or speaking, in tongues. 212 more words

Biblical Discernment

Restoration and Holiness, Part VI: "We Worship You in Spirit and in Truth"

Finally, back to the multi-part “Restoration and Holiness” series! There are reasons I ceased, but they are for exploration in another post.

In my last installment, I had noted that most of my life consisted of “enrichment reading”—books of an educational but non-spiritual nature that I felt expanded my horizons. 1,289 more words


Bringing Good Out Of a Bad Situation, Part 2

Bringing Good Out Of a Bad Situation, Part 2

“…we toil, working with our own hands; when we are reviled, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure…” – 1 Corinthians 4:12… 162 more words


Standing Under

About fifteen years ago my wife and I took a vacation to St. Louis, Missouri. We were living in London, Ontario at the time and I was working shift work in a call centre. 522 more words

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