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PMT 2014-092 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Many opponents of postmillennialism reject the hope-filled outlook because of their strong convictions regarding the power of sin. Like me, they are committed to Calvinistic doctrine regarding man’s total depravity. 731 more words


Setting Aside a Sabbath...

Books for this upcoming fall semester have arrived – well, most of them anyway; still waiting on two of them. From the looks of things, this ought to be the most challenging semester of school I’ve ever had. 718 more words


Two points of theology

There are two things that are paramount to theological discussions in Christianity. These points are also crucial for other abstract discussions, such as philosophy, but I will only look at thier impact on theology right now. 382 more words

Book Review: Forgotten Truths by Robert Anderson

“Forgotten Truths” are not only forgotten, but many Christians act like they do not exist.  Anderson brings them back to light and clarifies important truths related to dispensationalism, especially since it achieved an awakening in the 1800s.

Book Review

A Tragic Figure

“A Tragic Figure”
Mark 6:14-29

This is the way that I imagine it. One day Herod is sitting around the board table with his advisors and they are giving him reports on what is happening in various parts his territory. 1,477 more words


Concluding Paul and the Faithfulness of God Series Review

I have been busy with a significant load of coursework over the past seven months. To be exact, I have taken twenty-one hours at two different schools, attempting to complete two masters degrees simultaneously. 853 more words

N. T. Wright

Prayer or Politics

One thing that has been irking me lately is all the bashing of our government officials and especially the President. From unsaved folks I expect that, but as Christians we are not of this world and the Bible speaks… 454 more words