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Concise Exposition of 1 Thessalonian 4:18-5:11

The idea that death has no last say for Christians because Christ Jesus will return to restore what is lost and renew what is perishing is sweet to the soul. 303 more words


Question: Why Do You Believe In Jesus?

Anonymous asked:

Why do you believe in Jesus? I get believing in a creator, but as much as I want to, I can’t always convince myself that there’s evidence for Jesus doing all that stuff, and it breaks my heart because i used to believe it without a problem. 1,602 more words


Of University and Church

Although I have not yet posted on this admirable blog, I have followed its work from a respectful distance.  I have spent the last two years outside of the classroom, so the topics here don’t have the same urgency for me as they would have.  1,121 more words


What Lies Between Heaven and Hell?

As I sit reading Paradise Lost, I find myself asking itself “can this be Hell?” With all the anguish I perceive in myself and others, it is conceivable that this is Hell – for it is certainly not Heaven. 877 more words


Creed: God in Christ

I believe in God, emptiness and life, who loves us.
One with the universe, he is not absorbed by it.
Who is free, because his spirit blows where he wants to. 1,695 more words


Easter books: 2

The second Easter book I have reviewed is Why did Jesus have to die by Marcus Nodder.

The book is part of the Questions Christians Ask series from The Good Book Company, and is aimed at answering questions that we might have one the cross, and what it means for us. 180 more words

Bible Study

The Resurrection of Christ By DR. JOHN C. WHITCOMB

President, Whitcomb Ministries, Inc.

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead with a glorified body is a foundational truth of the New Testament. 919 more words