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He is thinking of me

Sunday Morning I woke up with a song in my head. All I could think of was the first verse, but I could not remember what song it was. 221 more words


Frozen amelioration

Etched in the Neolithic dawn,

The hexed belt of Orion;

‘Twas then but a symphony of Azure

To the tribal enchantress,

In ecstasy amongst her heterodox forces. 145 more words


Lunch with God. What Would You Ask?

It’s a sunny weekday afternoon and you step outside to enjoy a few minutes at lunch before it’s back to the grind. Up walks a man you’ve never seen before who asks to join you. 94 more words


Broken by Racism, Healed through Prayer

The killing of Mike Brown nearly a month ago has unfortunately proven that we do not live in a post-racial America. While a black man sits in the highest seat of authority in this country, his position has not lessened the degree to which black bodies are profiled and stereotyped on a daily basis. 264 more words


Terminology Tuesday: Penance (Heresy)

Just another work-based heresy by the Roman Catholic Church:

*In the Catholic tradition, the sacrament of reconciliation by which the penitent person is reconciled to God and the church through forgiveness of sin. 163 more words

Child Abuse and the Alibi of Cultural Practice

Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, has been accused of child abuse. Peterson’s method of punishing his 4 year old son is to whip him with a switch. 496 more words

General Philosophy

How did we get the New Testament?

Often times I have been asked where we got our New Testament Bible from, what was the process used to decide what books would get into the Bible and which ones would not? 563 more words