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"Strong faith doesn't mean you walk effortlessly through life..."

From Caught Off Guard: Encounters with the Unexpected God by William P. Smith:

Faith is not a feeling of being spiritually strong or superior, either in our relationship with Christ or in our activities.

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Should A Christian Artist Stick With "Christian" Art?

mangobobatea asked a question:

Hey. Hope all is well. I wanna ask your opinion. So I’m very imaginative when it comes to story telling so I like fiction/sci-fi./adventure. 606 more words


God's Existence Proven

St. Paul states that the power and nature of God can be discovered by observing created things (Rom 1:20). St. Thomas Aquinas succinctly demonstrates this (Summa Theologica I, 2, 3). 166 more words


Aquinas Nerds Rejoice! (or, Happy Feast Day Thomas!)

Just a quick reflection on this happy day for all Thomas Aquinas nerds.  If you’re a fanboy/girl of the wonderful Aquinas and his Thomist legacy, … 795 more words


Thought And Prayer For The Day

In1889, the date of 1st May was settled upon as the day to celebrate across the world the achievements and hopes of workers. May Day became particularly significant in Communist countries, and a Parade was held to praise political leaders and display military tanks, missiles and planes. 272 more words


Churches are Plentiful but Disciples are Few

Many have read of the decline of Christianity in Western Civilization. To us, sometimes it seems of an exaggeration. But honestly, that is a very basic observation that is prevalent throughout most of Europe. 98 more words


A Magnificent Failure

A Magnificent Failure
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him; who have been called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28… 208 more words