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Christian Charity: You Can't Get There from Here (Big Gov)

Part of the fear concerning Theonomy stems from a mindset weaned and bred upon, and now utterly resigned to, our subjugation to imperious government. Most of the public and many of the private workings of our lives are determined by the federal government. 2,764 more words


Were Early Christians Communists? Our 3 Part Series

I didn’t plan to write this three part series on the question “Were Early Christians Communists?”  It was originally in response to someone online and it just kind of happened as I thought about it more I ended up writing more. 47 more words


The Application Of God's Law Is Not Sharia Law

One common argument launched against Theonomists is the application of God’s Law would be like Sharia Law. A few months ago, Christian Street Preacher – Tony Miano tweeted, “I believe Theonomy is more akin to Islam than Christianity.” Another person has said, “Theonomists go beyond just preaching God’s Law. 967 more words

Christian Reconstruction

My Letter to John Delaney (Candidate for Maryland Congress)

John Delaney,

I had the opportunity to meet you at the Germantown train station on the morning of October 28th. You were very kind by greeting everyone waiting in line. 1,071 more words


Dr. Greg Bahnsen Reproves and Corrects Dr. Norman Geisler

What Kind of Morality Should We Legislate?

By Dr. Greg Bahnsen

 To the surprise of the secularists all around us, the 1980s demonstrated that bible-believing… 3,879 more words


"Forget Our Differences, Let's Just Work Together...Toward My Goal"

Oftentimes we hear talk of Christians disagreeing. We are sometimes told that if only Christians could lay aside their differences and work together, then progress could be made. 894 more words

Biblical Christianity