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Vos Study #10

Vos Study #10 covers the first half of chapter 6: points 1-2 of 4 about The Period Between Noah and the Great Patriarchs. Point 2 on  332 more words


Sam Waldron on Civil Authorities

I expect my next article on the topic of the Law of God to address Gentile governments and natural law, but as a prelude to that post, I thought it would be helpful to share some conclusions by Dr. 1,855 more words

Apologetics & Worldview

Calvin's "Two Kingdoms" Doctrine, and Commentary on Psalm 2

The following quotes were originally posted by Benjamin P. Glaser at the Confessional Puritan Board discussion, “Was John Calvin R2K?” It shows that Calvin’s “two kingdoms” view was much different than today’s two kingdoms adherents who either deny, or minimize, Christ’s lordship over the state. 327 more words


Sunny Shell: "I Repent for Commending Kirk Cameron's 'Monumental'"

Posted at Abandoned to Christ:

I’ve repented privately to the LORD my God. And now, to prove my repentance is true, I repent publicly for my public commendation (review) of Kirk Cameron’s… 162 more words

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The link between theonomy and Christ's kingship

The alternative to theonomy as God’s law is either a denial of theocracy and the “rule of God” or to propose that Christ’s Kingship is as a figurehead or at best a spiritual one.

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Thomas Schreiner on Theonomy

The last article on the subject of God’s Law served to be an introductory article to the series, providing a list of resources examining the manifestation of God’s Law under the Old and New Covenants. 2,591 more words

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Vos Study #9

Vos Study #8 covered the first half of chapter 5, Development leading up to Noachian revelation, and Vos Study #9 finishes chapter 5 with (post-flood) Noachian revelation. 291 more words