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Choose Ye

“Men must choose to be governed by God or they condemn themselves to be ruled by tyrants.”

- William Penn

Bahnsen comments:

“However, even in those countries where overt revolution has not broken out and in those lands where a hostile dictatorship has not been established, there has been a steady movement toward social pragmatism and messianic ideals—so that the state is viewed as the sole originator of law, and its legislation aims to create a perfect social order by rehabilitation of criminals, pervasive welfare and revenue sharing, guardianship of the world and foreign aid, all of which are done irrespective of justice and questions of moral obligation in order to realize the “higher” principle of love. 29 more words


Summary of Theonomy

From Bahnsen’s Preface to Theonomy in Christian Ethics*:

1. Since the Fall it has always been unlawful to use the law of God in hopes of establishing one’s own personal merit and justification, in contrast or complement to salvation by way of promise and faith; commitment to obedience is but the lifestyle of faith, a token of gratitude for God’s redeeming grace. 330 more words


Not Whether, But Which

“There is no alternative but that of theonomy and autonomy.”

- Cornelius Van Til, Christian Theistic Ethics, p. 134


For a certain time, the judicial law stood in force...

“Thus far concerning God’s perpetual law (the moral law): now concerning the law of God for a certain time.

The law of God for a certain time, is that which was only for a certain time prescribed to the people of Israel, and is abrogated by the coming of the Messiah. 271 more words

Moral Law

Don't be brain sick. Just say no to anti-bacon laws.

“Therefore the judicial law was positive, and therefore Christians are not compelled to govern their commonwealths in the same manner, in which the Israelites’ commonwealth was governed, but it is lawful for them to vie the political laws of their nations, which agree with the laws of nature, and the Ten Commandments, according to the commandment, Rom. 52 more words

Moral Law

And As We Wind On Down The Road

It’s been a long road, but here’s a summary of where I’ve come and where I am now.

1) If God is absolutely sovereign over all things, then there is nothing over which He does not rule, 2)* including all humans who owe him love and obedience. 114 more words