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Vos Study #4

Time for Vos study #4!

The assigned reading is the entire small chapter #2, The Mapping Out of the Field of Revelation, which considers the fourfold division of General (Natural) vs Special (Supernatural), and pre-fall vs post-fall, Revelation. 651 more words


Transcendental Argument Against Dispensationalism?

Sorry for the delay in posting this essay in our Calvinistic Dispensational Presuppositionalism’s series.

In July 2012, the popular Presuppositional Apologetics’ blog “Choosing Hats” had a post titled “ 1,350 more words


My more libertarian friends seem to believe we as Christians can get off scot-free in the political debate over so-called homosexual marriage. “Why not let the homosexuals have their heyday in the secular realm?” I am afraid I must vehemently disagree. 668 more words


In God's Name: Guidelines for Proper Political Involvement

By Michael Horton (Internet Archive)

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The early Christians, in spite of persecutions, were not hermits waiting in the corner to be caught away. 511 more words

Biblical Viewpoint

Were the Solway Martyrs martyred for the Judicial Laws of Moses?

By Angela Wittman – Posted at For Christ’s Crown & Covenant!

“Were the Solway Martyrs martyred for the Judicial Laws of Moses?  No.  They were martyred for a very specific liturgical reason:  they would not say ‘God save the King.’  While it is true that they believed God was Lord over the State, the specific context dealt with God’s lordship over the Church.” – Jacob Aitken ( 103 more words

Religious Freedom

Jus Divinum, the Westminster Confession, and the Mosaic judicials

Posted at Reformed Covenanter:

At the time of the Westminster Assembly, various Presbyterian ministers in London wrote a book defending the divine right of church government.  115 more words

Church History

Theonomy and the Westminster Standards (3)

PMT 2014-030b by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

I am continuing a confessional defense of theonomy. We must now turn our attention to the swirling vortex of the debate: the Confession’s statement in 19:4: 826 more words

Non-eschatology Studies