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The DOV throughput theorem.

“Just apply an additional index or some cool caching. That should do the trick.”

As a long-term software development geek I notice that more and more junior developers are unaware of the fundamental basics behind performance optimization strategies. 629 more words


The Mean Value Theorem for Integrals

This video explains and provide an example of a problem involving the mean value theorem for integrals.

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Conformal mappings and the Phragmen-Lindelöf Theorem

I would like to go back to the Phragmen-Lindelöf theorem that I presented in a previous post. Let us recall the result. In the following, we write, for all , , with and real numbers. 632 more words


Lattice Polgyons Part 2

In the previous post, I introduced the idea of a lattice polygon and a method for calculating the area. I want to discuss a very powerful theorem. 172 more words

Three-curves theorems

This post deals with a family of theorems that precise and extend the usual maximum modulus principle for analytic functions. Contrary to my previous post… 922 more words