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Theory of recurrence

It happened again a few weeks ago. I keep having these theories all day. Day in day out I can’t keep my mind from wandering. Thinking up new questions, imagining and finding answers is what comes naturally to me. 2,181 more words


The Incompleteness Theory and the Paranormal

Value often lies in the unexpected connections made under unassuming circumstance.

One week ago, Jeffery Kripal came to Middlebury College and gave a talk on interpreting the paranormal. 1,095 more words


Pythagorean Theorem

Hi, guys! We will learn a well known theorem that has so many applications which is Pythagoras Theorem. In the end of this explanation, there is an exam that you must complete. 1,636 more words


Pythagoras? I’m sorry, you have been lied to. An historical overview by Piers Bursill-Hall (of Cambridge)

Abstract: The modern story of early Greek mathematics simply does not include Pythagoras or the Pythagoreans. There is effectively no evidence for the existence of Pythagoras, he did not prove the theorem, and the Pythagoreans (or any Greeks) did not discover irrationals, let alone the irrationality of 2. 1,482 more words

Free Writing

Theorem: R is a ring. I is an ideal of R. Then R/I is a ring.

Let R be a ring. Let I be an ideal of R and therefore a subnormal of R. Thus  is creatable such that… 197 more words

Algebra (Hungerford)

Subring. + A subring-ness theorem

Definition of subrings.
Let R be a ring and  that is closed under the operations of addition and multiplication in R. If S is itself a ring under these operations, then  15 more words

Algebra (Hungerford)

A Theorem

If R is a ring with an identity, and is the identity element, then is not a zero divisor.

Let be a zero divisor. Then,

Algebra (Hungerford)